Sake Manila 2024: Discover Japan’s Treasures

Embark on a gastronomic journey like no other at Sake Manila 2024, where the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila transforms into a vibrant panorama of Japan’s finest liquid art on May 24, 2024. This grand event promises to tantalize your palate and enrich your cultural horizons with a seemingly endless array of sake, shochu, whisky and beer—each telling a unique story of heritage and masterful craftsmanship.

As you step into the opulent Grand Ballroom, expect to be greeted by a wave of enticing aromas and the lively buzz of fellow enthusiasts, all in anticipation of a shared experience centered around Japan’s most treasured libations. With over 200 labels to sample, your taste buds will dance across a tapestry of flavors ranging from the delicate whispers of premium sake to the bold statements of aged whisky.

But what is a fine drink without the perfect accompaniment? The talented chefs of Okada Manila will curate a sumptuous spread of culinary delights, each dish designed to complement and enhance your Sake experience. From fresh, succulent sashimi that melts in your mouth to robust, umami-laden bites that stand up to the most intricate of spirits, the food on offer is not merely a side attraction—it’s an integral part of the Sake Manila event.

The night also unfolds a rare opportunity to connect with the luminaries behind these beverages. Imagine conversing with sake masters, brewery owners, and brand ambassadors—each with their own passionate stories and insider knowledge that will deepen your appreciation one sip at
a time.

Sake Manila 2024 is not just an event. It’s a celebration of culture, a feast for the senses, and a toast to the fine art of enjoyment. As we anticipate the presence of 1,000 like-minded guests, this evening is poised to be a highlight of Manila’s social calendar, a place where connections are made, and memories are brewed.

Secure your passage to this unparalleled experience at Join us in raising a choko to the exquisite, the exotic, and the extraordinary.

See you at Sake Manila 2024—where every pour is a story, and every toast is a memory in the making. Kampai!