Sake Manila 2024: Igniting the Sake Scene with Fervor and Flair

Philippine Wine Merchants and Okada Manila are poised to bring this first-ever festival of Japan’s gastronomic gems

When the country’s premier wines and spirits distributor and the largest integrated resort and entertainment space collaborate on the first-of-its-kind grand sake festival, you know great things are in store.

The recently held media briefing with Philippine Wine Merchants (PWM) and Okada Manila provided a sneak peek of what we can expect at Sake Manila, coming to us live, large, and loaded with lusciousness on May 24, 2024 at the Okada Manila Grand Ballroom. The Sake Manila press conference ignited anticipation among enthusiasts and connoisseurs, alike, as organizers unveiled delectable details about the upcoming event. From sake tastings to cultural showcases, the event promises to be a celebration of Japanese craftsmanship and tradition.

Okada Manila and Philippine Wine Merchants founders and executives at the Sake Manila press conference

The sake sanctuary

Set against the backdrop of Okada Manila’s resplendent Grand Ballroom, the event will immerse attendees in a vibrant Japanese ambiance, transporting them to the heart of sake culture. Okada Manila’s Japanese roots make it the perfect venue for guests to savor the complexities of Japan’s revered rice wine and raved-about cuisine.

With over 200 varieties of sake and spirits to tantalize your taste buds, representing 40 esteemed breweries and distilleries, this event promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of Japanese libations and gastronomy.

“The stars of the show are the sakes, but the co-stars will be the delicious cuisine that Okada Manila will prepare. The food has been curated specifically for maximum enjoyment, when you have the sakes. The dishes and the sakes will not compete but complement each other. This is why we specifically chose Okada Manila; they know what they’re doing, as far as Japanese cuisine is concerned,” Raymond Lim Joseph, sake sommelier and Director for Sales and Marketing at Philippine Wine Merchants, said at today’s event.

None other than Okada Manila’s Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Takako Okada, joined the panel of organizers on stage. Speaking through an interpreter, Mrs. Okada welcomed the media and expressed her appreciation for and excitement over the upcoming event. She also reiterated the entertainment resort’s unwavering support for the milestone event.

A number of the sakes sampled at the press conference

Sip, swirl, savor

Sake Manila, inspired by PWM’s pandemic-borne “Sake Sessions,” sake appreciation gatherings that started online, promises to be a unique opportunity to elevate your sake experience. Get ready to go on an exciting epicurean adventure, as Okada’s talented chefs showcase their expertise with meticulously curated Japanese dishes, cheeses, desserts, and more, perfectly paired with your favorite sake selections. At the media kickoff, guests sampled five suave sakes, in various levels of polish and filtration, paired with ebi tempura, miso-glazed gindara and tuna skewers, meats, and an array of sweets.

Matcha cakes far sake-dessert pairings

One of the highlights of the event will undoubtedly be the sake tastings, where attendees can indulge in a premium selection of premium sake varieties. From smooth junmai to aromatic ginjo, there will be something to delight every palate. Sake sommeliers and brew masters themselves will be on hand to guide guests through the nuances of each pour, providing insights into the craftsmanship behind Japan’s most beloved beverage.

Sake Manila will showcase over 200 varieties of sake and spirits representing 40 esteemed breweries and distilleries

Japan’s cultural kaleidoscope

In addition to sampling sake, attendees will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of cultural showcases celebrating Japan’s rich heritage. From traditional tea ceremonies to mesmerizing taiko drum performances, these immersive experiences will offer a glimpse into the artistry and traditions that define Japanese culture.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of sake, interactive workshops will provide the perfect opportunity to learn from industry experts. From sake brewing techniques to food pairing tips, these hands-on sessions will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to elevate their sake appreciation journey.

Beyond the sake and cultural experiences, the event will also provide valuable networking opportunities for industry professionals and enthusiasts, alike. Guests at Sake Manila will find every chance to engage with like-minded individuals, whether making new connections or reconnecting with old acquaintances who share their passion for sake and for Japanese culture.

Kanpai! ‘Drink your cup dry!’

With its blend of immersive experiences, cultural showcases, and expert-led tastings, the upcoming Sake Manila event will surely be a highlight on the calendar for sake fans and lovers of Japanese cuisine. Prepare to raise your glasses as you discover Japan’s gastronomic treasures! Secure you tickets at Sake Manila’s website.