Nonie’s: Take a Trip to a Foodie’s Paradise!

All article photos by Andie Syyap
Banner image courtesy of Nonie’s

Embark on a tropical gastronomic adventure at Nonie’s, as Boracay’s beloved chill zone finds a new home at Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang

From Boracay’s shimmering shores to Alabang’s laidback locale, Nonie’s brings its delightful “Filipino inspired, thoughtfully crafted” brand of deliciousness to foodies across the metro.

Having been open seven years on the island’s Station X, the Nonie’s team has had its share of concept calibration, leading up to a recent rebrand, with branding expert Amanda Harbrow of Harbrow Creations in Australia at the helm. The result is a more chic and contemporary version of Boracay’s beloved culinary chill zone; a glow-up that is not only evidenced in Nonie’s fresh new look but also in its creative cuisine.

Nonie’s skillful culinary team

Nonie’s menu brims with honest, homey, hearty, and healthful homegrown offerings—marks that are often not easy to hit, let alone hit all together. It’s no small feat, for sure, but Nonie’s achieves it. Moreover, they do so with a sincerity of service that is as sunny as the multi-awarded island beach destination of Nonie’s origins, in a charming tropical-meets-modern-rustic setting.

Effortless island elegance is the order of the day, at Nonie’s

Effortless elegance and ease

True to the easygoing environs of its new home, south of the metro, Nonie’s Alabang exudes an effortless, easy elegance, designed in collaboration with Geo Ward from local architectural firm IDC Design & Build. Natural light radiates from floor-to-ceiling windows that dominate the restaurant’s welcoming façade, bringing the outdoors in, for an even more tropical vibe.

The overall atmosphere is rousing and relaxing all at once: warm wooden accents juxtapose the bleached palette of charming rattan chairs and modern rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood; pops of color from brick walls and greenery create a cozy complement to the predominantly light steel gray Brutalist-inspired walls. Strategically placed alcove lighting fixtures give off a golden glow, reminiscent of a tropical sunset.

This installation is an interesting design detail at Nonie’s

A mosaic-style vertical installation of small wooden plates, positioned just off the entrance and flanked by robust yucca trees catches my eye almost instantly. The fixture draws my gaze upward to large round pendant lamps, of some organic material or other, hanging slightly above the mezzanine seating area.

Pops of color and tropical-inspired accents liven up the light sleet gray palette

The island vibe is infectious, washing over you like brisk ocean breezes. It is, overall, a highly pleasant, sunlight-filled place to partake in cheery camaraderie and great meals. And, there‘s plenty of both to go around, at Nonie’s.

A portion of the spacious mezzanine seating area

A passion for lovely local fare

Much as the ambiance whisks you away to Boracay’s sun-kissed shorelines, the food at Nonie’s does the same. Every dish tells a story of a passion for lovely, locally-sourced Filipino food, with more than a few playful twists and elevated turns—and that story begins with Nonie’s founding duo, Patrick and Shria Florencio. The well-traveled, multicultural pair started Nonie’s when they moved to Boracay from Singapore, teaming up with valued partners and key investors for the Alabang branch.

Patrick and Shria Florencio

“Since opening the first Nonies in 2017, we’ve opened a few more restaurants in Boracay, with different concepts. Then we decided that we were ready to take the next step for Nonie’s and try the metro, specifically here in Alabang,” Shria shares. “Our team has been the best; many of them have been with us through the island rehabilitation closure in 2018, and then through the pandemic; a few of them are with us in Alabang. We’re lucky to have them,” she adds.

With a menu initially developed by Chef Ramon Antonio and perfected by Nonie’s very own talented head chef, Derrick Perez, there’s something for every palate and preference. And always, the focus is on local fare with flair. “We wanted to maintain our focus on locally sourced ingredients and Filipino-inspired cuisine while enhancing the overall dining experience,” Chef Derrick notes.

“We also knew we wanted to include a number of vegan and vegetarian options, because we realized there was a market for this when we first opened in Boracay,” Shria points out and which I especially love about the thoughtfully-curated menu.

Tuna Rolls at Nonie’s

Gastronomic odysseys, waiting to unfold

The food at Nonie’s features more than a slightly deconstructed touch in preparation and presentation. But every element works together, in sheer perfection, to create a sensational symphony of tastes and textures

For starters, at the recently held media launch, Nonie’s take on Ceviche proved a refreshing choice for that seaside feel, with its fresh catch of the day fish cooked in the acids of spicy coconut vinaigrette, served with freshly baked flatbread. I also thoroughly enjoyed the light yet satisfying Tuna Rolls, made from tuna sashimi and seasonal greens, enclosed in paper thin rice wrapper, with a tangy spicy yogurt dip on the side.

A vegetarian house specialty, Tempeh Kare-Kare

I relished every bite of my Tempeh Kare-Kare, a vegetarian-friendly gastronomic odyssey on a plate. This delightful culinary journey starts with the freshest ingredients and ends with you sinking your teeth into homemade tempeh swathed in silky, sumptuous cashew nut sauce, with an assortment of perfectly cooked seasonal greens, atop a bed of plump and moist organic black rice, served with Nonie’s very own salted black bean paste (in lieu of shrimp paste). Goodness. I demolished my order, to the last morsel. The Vegan Sisig was likewise a delicious alternative to the iconic Filipino dish, made with an assortment of mushrooms—a cleaner taste, without skimping on umami goodness—and served with flatbread.

The hearty Vegan Sisig

While I do not eat meat, I did hear loads of appreciative “ooohs” and “aaahs” and even spied a few shoulder wiggles for the Cavite-Style Chicken and Pork Adobo served with 72-hour crispy pork belly and flame-grilled chicken that fell off the bone with one slice.

The Cavite-Style Chicken and Pork Adobo is sure to be a bestselling favorite

My daughter, and also my editorial partner at the event, was very happy with her order of Nonie’s take on Bistek Tagalog, a flavorful medley of braised beef brisket, soy-based bistek sauce, seasonal greens, and local buffalo cheese, served with sweet potato mash, all of which made for mouthwatering contrasts of sweet and salty flavor profiles.

Nonie’s version of Bistek Tagalog

For dessert, Nonie’s Halo-Halo—a special mix of honey-infused shaved ice and coconut milk, subtle and smooth homemade ube halaya, creamy homemade leche flan, among other ingredients—really hit the sweet spot.

Nonie’s Halo-Halo hits the sweet spot

The Strawberry Cashew Cake (made with cashew flour) was a taste of paradise with every spoonful of cashew bits and strawberries done two ways, raw cacao nibs, and lemongrass sauce.  

Strawberry Cashew Cake, a specialty dessert at Nonie’s

And, with rich local chocolate, cashew nut and raw cacao nib praline, served with calamansi curd, the Flourless Chocolate Cake was an indulgent treat, worth every calorie.

Savor the rich taste of Flourless Chocolate Cake

Don’t even get me started on how much I loved the cocktails. After all, what’s an island escape without a cocktail or four? My favorites were the Alabang Piña Colada, which came with a toasted/spiced pineapple wedge that smelled divine and added a scent-sational sensorial aspect to the drink. I also adored their award-winning The Malaya, a luscious ube liqueur cocktail with Agimat ube cream as the base, infused with plantain peel and mango peel syrups, made even richer with a concoction of sweet potato and almond crumble. How deliciously decadent is that? Nonie’s drinks menu is quite extensive, and runs the gamut from smoothies and cold-pressed juices to coffees, teas, kombuchas, cocktails, and wines.

Nonie’s signature cocktails are a must-try!

Mindful meals and unhurried feels

Take your taste buds on a thrilling tropical food trip, at Nonie’s. The restaurant opened its doors to the public on April 27, and has been in its soft-opening phase, since. Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm, Monday-Friday, and 8:00am to 10:00pm, Saturday-Sunday, Nonie’s is your go-to destination for island feels and scrumptious meals, south of the metro. And, because it’s pet-friendly, your furry pals can join in on the fun. The venue also accepts reservations for individuals, groups, and even private functions.

“We invite everyone to join us at our new location in Molito Lifestyle Center,” says Chef Derrick. “Whether you’re a vegan, pescatarian, or simply appreciate good food made with love, Nonie’s has something for you. We’re excited to share our passion for honest, hearty cuisine with the Alabang community.”

In a world where fast-paced living is the norm, Nonie’s offers a little slice of Boracay’s unhurried lifestyle. It is a culinary sanctuary where every meal is mindful; a celebration of life, love, and the joy of good food. With so many more items on the menu having piqued my interest (which many times, is directly connected to my appetite!), I personally can’t wait for my next Nonie’s getaway!

For more information about Nonie’s and updates on the new location, please visit or follow @noniesrestaurants on social media platforms.