More Than Just Rice: SunnywoodPH

For over 25 years, Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation has been dedicated to providing healthy and high-quality rice products through their brand, Harvester’s. Their commitment to offering more than just a staple food is reflected in their motto, “More than Just Rice — It’s the Meaning of Life.” 

Established in 1997 and incorporated in 2009, Sunnywood has experienced significant growth, expanding its product range while remaining a trusted supplier of quality rice.

In addition to their core business, Sunnywood actively supports organic rice farming in the Philippines by partnering with cooperatives nationwide. Their sustained support has not only laid a strong foundation for expansion but also aims to achieve global recognition for their unique rice varieties, benefiting local farmers along the way.

Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation also engages in charitable endeavors, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact. They actively support the Child Evangelism Fellowship NCR South Area, recognizing the importance of providing biblical moral values to underprivileged children and offering them love, attention, and care.

Improving the living standards of farmers and providing healthy rice options to Filipino families remain at the core of Sunnywood’s vision. Their brands, including Harvester’s, Jordan Farms, and Farmboy, offer a diverse selection of rice choices that cater to consumers’ preferences and health needs.

Harvester’s, known for its delicious taste and nutrient density, offers a range of rice varieties with unique health benefits. Contrary to common misconceptions, rice is a nutritious carbohydrate that provides daily energy. 

Black Rice, rich in antioxidants, helps prevent inflammation and diseases, while Brown Rice aids in controlling blood sugar levels. Red Rice strengthens bones and improves metabolism. These whole grain, unpolished, and gluten-free options are ideal for weight management and serve as an excellent energy source.

Jordan Farms specializes in naturally-grown specialty grains such as Adlai and Quinoa. Their Tapol De Oro (Violet Rice) stands out with its aromatic and sticky quality, perfect for desserts. Additionally, Jordan Farms offers organically-grown Black, Red, and Brown rice. For those seeking affordable, delicious, and healthy rice options, the Farmboy brand is the go-to choice.

SunnywoodPH truly exemplifies their motto by prioritizing consumer health, supporting local rice producers, and going beyond rice. Their mission is to contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling life for all.


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