HIPA Announces Its New Theme for the Thirteenth Season of Competition – ‘Sustainability’

H.E Ali Bin Thalith

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has announced the categories for its Thirteenth Season of competition, which will be themed, ‘Sustainability’. The new season will now contain five main categories with ‘Sustainability’ serving as the main theme. There will be two new categories, ‘Sports Photography’ and Short Videos (for Social Media). Rounding off the categories will be ‘General’ (Colour and Black & White) category and ‘Portfolio (Story-Telling)’ category. The Thirteenth Season will be open from 10th March 2024 until midnight on 30st June 2024 (UAE time | GMT: +04:00), on the official website www.hipa.ae

The Secretary General of HIPA, Ali Bin Thalith said, “HIPA has evolved into a dynamic entity with a global focus. We aim to play a vital role in shaping societies, particularly in cultural and intellectual aspects.  We strive to inspire individuals with creative talent, encouraging them to venture into the realm of visual arts.”

Bin Thalith also revealed that the ‘Sports Photography’ category anticipates a healthy participation due to its growing popularity and interest within the photography sector. With emerging talent gaining momentum and the region hosting a number of major international sporting events, we are delighted to welcome all the world’s sporting talent to share their visual artistry.

Expanding on the main theme of the Thirteenth Season, Bin Thalith expressed, “The arts are connected into every facet of our lives. From this perspective, HIPA’s Board of Trustees have chosen ‘Sustainability’ as a cultural foundation and an artistic umbrella that has earned its place among our current global priorities. The photograph, in its artistic and cultural role, has to embody a multidimensional duty; to raise the level of societal awareness and comprehensive intellectual maturity related to educational behaviours, paving the way for a better future for generations to come.”

Bin Thalith added, “In the 13th season, HIPA also opens the competition to creative content makers to present distinct ideas through short videos prepared for social media platforms, telling inspiring and motivating stories that have a positive impact on society.”

Bin Thalith concluded, “Submissions for HIPA’s Thirteenth Season will be accepted on the official website, www.hipa.ae. The deadline for submissions will be the 30st June 2024 at 11.59 pm (UAE Standard Time).”

Categories for HIPA’s Thirteenth Season of Competition:


Sustainability is society’s ability to exist and develop without depleting all of the natural resources needed to live in the future. 

Photography is a powerful medium for raising awareness of such important issues and making a big impact to supporting sustainable developments.

How can one highlight the importance of this sustainable relationship between the present and the future?  Here’s your chance to convey the delicate balance required to sustain our world through the creative lens of your camera.

Photography has the power to make a difference in the world through visual narratives. Lend you eye to the story of sustainability.

Portfolio (Story-telling)

One of most challenging categories for photographers to skilfully invite us into a story through a series of photographs.

A photographic narrative delves straight into the subject matter and tells the story from a photographer’s perspective.  This is your opportunity to engage and connect the hearts and minds of the audience in a way a single photograph cannot.

Sports Photography

If you enjoy the dynamic energy of sports action than this is the category for you.  Photographers have to capture scenes that translate the emotional and visual narrative of sporting events.

This is an exciting opportunity to blend sports appreciation with artistic expression.

Short Videos (for Social Media)

With the widespread popularity of short videos on the social media platforms, we have noticed the presence of remarkably creative talents capable of producing engaging, meaningful and impactful content that resonates with a wide audience.

For the Thirteenth season, we are opening the doors to content creators to present distinctive and creative ideas through short videos tailored for social media platforms. These videos must narrate inspiring and motivational stories that have a positive impact on society.


Every year, thousands eagerly await the return of the General Category, as it remains the highlight for photographers to showcase their artistry that is not defined under a specific category.

More than one-third of the submissions over the years has been from this category; which continues to evolve advancing both in quality and diversity.

Due to its popularity, we continue to offer participants two opportunities to participate under these sub-categories: the first in Black & White – to transport us to the classic world of the monochromatic palette; and the second in Colour – to experience the rich tapestry of hues.