Escape to an Outdoor Oasis With Rustan’s Summer: A State of Mind

Dive into a tropical paradise and experience summer at the ultimate destination for the finest gifts

Welcome summer’s warm embrace with Rustan’s! The season returns with a new kind of feel: beyond the excitement of summer fun comes the desire for relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness. At Rustan’s, these delights are brought closer to patrons in the city, allowing each to revel in a serene space inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. Amidst lush greenery, vibrant blooms, natural textures, and inspiring displays, shoppers can expect nothing less than an oasis that invigorates their youthful, carefree spirits.

Welcome the summer’s warmth at Rustan’s! Let Rustan’s be your serene escape, invigorating your carefree spirit amidst a backdrop of tranquility.

Rustan’s also presented a sunny lineup of events and activities including its official summer launch at Rustan’s Makati on April 17; as well as a travel fair at Rustan’s Makati on April 17, 20, and 21; followed by Rustan’s Shangri-La on April 27 to 28.

Rustan’s A Summer State of Mind

Rustan’s Summer A State of Mind launch event held on April 17, from 5:00-7:00 PM at Rustan’s Makati was the epitome of summer bliss. The flagship store hosted various activities on every floor to highlight the finest summer selection and immerse shoppers in a tropical paradise unlike any other!

Every corner was meticulously curated to invigorate and inspire. The country’s premier luxury department store seamlessly integrated nature into its indoor spaces with the use of natural elements and matcha green as the main colorway for the store’s visuals and design. This resulted in an immersive atmosphere that mentally transported customers to a serene outdoor oasis, empowering them to embrace the essence of the season.

The getaway began with a peek from Rustan’s iconic window displays, each exuding luxury and style. Showcasing a diverse range of summer must-haves—including resort wear, menswear, children’s wear, home items, and beauty essentials—these captivating displays elevated the shopping experience, offering customers a glimpse into the joy and wellness inside the store.

Michael Huang, VP for Store Development and Expansions of Rustan’s Commercial

The store came alive with a variety of outdoor settings, each curated to showcase Rustan’s finest selections in immersive environments. Each corner burst with vibrant energy, offering five unique themes to explore. Guests were transported to a Tropical Island, surrounded by swaying palm trees and colorful prints. They also felt the elegance of a Country Club, where classic styles met leisurely vibes, and found themeselves at a fancy Garden Party, a floral wonderland filled with chic dresses and accessories. Those who preferred cozy vibes delighted in the Glamping theme, with its laidback rustic decor and earthy tones. And for the free spirits, Bohemian Outdoors offered eclectic styles inspired by nature’s beauty.

All these were complemented by interactive fashion vignettes and personalization booths.

(L-R) Ayala Malls’ Hamm E. Katipunan and AC Legarda with Anton Huang, President and CEO of Rustan Commercial Corporation, SSI Group of Companies and Rustan Marketing Corp.

Spanning the entire store, the multi-floor event invited guests to wander through a world of possibilities in search of their dream getaway. With raffle prizes and exclusive deals that awaited, it was the perfect opportunity to plan their ultimate summer escape.

The pop-up Rustan’s Summer Travel Fair, meanwhile, commenced with the grand launch on April 17 at Rustan’s Makati; the fair continued on April 20 and 21, and then at Rustan’s Shangri-La from April 27 to 28. Guests explored exclusive deals and exciting offers from top travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and airlines.

Marlon Stockinger and Dani Camcam

Dive into the ultimate summer adventure

Get ready to dive into the ultimate summer adventure! Explore exclusive promos and exciting activities designed to amp up your sense of fun. Join us in embracing the essence of summer like never before. For more details, visit

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It’s time to seize the day and bask under joyful sunny skies! Embrace the summer spirit with Rustan’s A Summer State of Mind. Ready to embark on a restful summer journey? Indulge in the finest finds and experiences when you visit Rustan’s!