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New World Makati’s special promotions for Mid-Autumn mooncakes

New World Makati Hotel Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

New World Makati Hotel welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival with an assortment of traditional handmade mooncakes. As a special treat for guests looking forward to the celebration, the hotel extends an Early Bird discount of 10 percent on orders placed from July 1 to 30 for five or more boxes, or 20 pieces. Guests with bulk orders of 20 to 100 boxes also enjoy a 20 percent discount, and Club Epicure members receive a 15 percent discount.


Hong Kong Chef Wong Sing To prepares a selection of four flavors – Five Seed, Double Yolk White Lotus, Double Yolk Red Lotus, and Double Yolk Red Bean. Packaged in stylish boxes, guests can share the mooncakes with loved ones, friends and colleagues. Guests may buy the treats with their choice of flavors starting at PhP1,188 for a box of four pieces. The Mid-Autumn mooncakes are also offered individually, at PhP368 per piece for Red Bean and Red Lotus flavors and PhP468 per piece for White Lotus and Five Seed flavors.


According to ancient Chinese history, as the autumn harvest comes to a close, the moon stands out and shines brightest. This signals the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival, where feasts are widespread and the men are full of thanksgiving, love and happiness. The Mid-Autumn Festival calls for family gatherings and the exchange of the much-loved traditional mooncake delicacy.


New World Makati Hotel’s Mid-Autumn mooncakes will be available for pick-up from Aug. 1 to 31. Rates include service charge. For more information, please contact Jasmine restaurant at (02) 811-6888 ext. 3338 and ask for Toni Lou Manalo.