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Marriott Hotel Manila opens its signature restaurant, featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine You don't have to go to Hong Kong to enjoy the authentic Cantonese cuisine that has captivated the world. Savor the flavors of China at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at Marriott Hotel Manila, led by veteran chef Law Wing Wui. Chef


Chef Tatung’s cooks up a can’t-miss week-long lunch special at the Pacific Lounge Think about the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in the Philippines. Most Filipinos will say it was during a family gathering where family members got together over a hearty and bountiful feast prepared by lola (grandmother), the family


After Easter, fiestas would practically be celebrated most days of the summer months in different locales across the archipelago, bringing to the fore cultural traditions and the indelible imprint of Filipino hospitality. By summer's end the fiesta fever would have escalated to fever pitch. Sometimes, ordinary days are turned into festive


Manila can now gorge on what Anthony Bourdain called the 'best pig ever' When two Americans called banker-slash-lifestyle blogger Joel Binamira back in 2008 about his “Lechon Chronicles,” he had no idea it was the team behind Travel Channel’s “No Reservations.” And he had no idea that the ‘Tony’ he spoke with