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Ortigas Center welcomes a Big Apple transplant Ortigas Center is better known for big business – big banks, big malls, and big office buildings. The neighborhood doesn’t really get much attention for its gastronomic offerings. However, what some hip foodies may gloss over is the fact that this CBD hosts a


It doesn’t take much of going around the metro to find that ramen has made the seamless transition from trend to norm in the past few years. But if you thought you’ve already had your fill, and crowned a particular spot your favorite – you might want to step back


Wolfgang Zwiener used his 40 years of experience under the tutelage of renowned Brooklyn steakhouse proprietor Peter Luger, to build an extraordinary New York steakhouse of his own. His son, for his part, took the knowledge he got from the world of finance to take turn it into a global


Wolfgang Zwiener’s over 40 years as the head waiter in Peter Luger’s legendary New York steakhouse is akin to lore for the steak cognoscenti. And as Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s own star grew – expanding from its first location in a 1912-built Park Avenue hotel, to both US coasts, and now, to

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