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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: Optimal Prime


Wolfgang Zwiener’s over 40 years as the head waiter in Peter Luger’s legendary New York steakhouse is akin to lore for the steak cognoscenti. And as Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s own star grew – expanding from its first location in a 1912-built Park Avenue hotel, to both US coasts, and now, to Asia – even the uninitiated can now indulge in the renowned New York steakhouse experience.

There are those who speak of visiting a classic New York steakhouse as a religious experience, while others come for (apart from the utterly fine steaks) the unmistakable sense of history. And this hasn’t been lost on the people behind Wolfgang’s, as all branches around the world welcome guests with the nostalgic aesthetics of a long solid mahogany bar, wooden floors, mosaic accents, alabaster lamps, and a gorgeous wine cellar.

According to Peter Zwiener, Wolfgang’s son, and president and CEO of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, from Hawaii and Beverly Hills, to Florida, and all the way to Manila—all their branches have elements that remind people of the 1912-built Vanderbilt Hotel location.

Wolfgang Zwiener

But Wolfgang’s would not have enjoyed the notoriety it does now on classic ambiance alone. Ultimately, it banks on the top-tier quality of its steaks.

Trust the Process

Wolfgang’s uses only the best quality meat you can find on the market – Prime Angus and Black Angus (part of only 2 percent of all beef in the US market that attain “prime” rating); exclusively steer (more tender and flavorful, with less sinew and lower fat  ontent); and only sub-primal cuts. And the meticulous process doesn’t end with handpicking the meat – as it’s then dry-aged for an average of 28 days, in-house at Wolfgang’s locations.

Dry-aging, a highly-controlled process, allows the beef’s natural enzymes to break down connective tissues in the muscles, resulting in a tender, more flavorful slab of meat. The steaks are then cooked in specialized infrared broilers that can reach temperatures of up to 1,600 °F. And, by using only salt, they don’t take away from the beef’s natural flavor.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Prime Cuts

What you do have to figure out is what to order, which can be quite daunting considering the plethora of alluring choices—none of which can possibly be wrong.

Of course, first on your list should be Wolfgang’s signature Porterhouse Steak – a two for one cut (tenderloin and strip). Joining that on the top of the list are the Rib Eye, and the Filet Mignon—all of which are best paired with sides of Creamed Spinach, and/or Mashed Potato.

Whichever steak you have served in front of you, you’re assured that it’s handpicked from USDA Prime Grade Angus Beef, bringing with it superior marbling, tenderness, flavor, and texture.

And to complement the richness of the steaks, Wolfgang’s Manila boasts of an extensive wine selection of over 250 brands and some 600 bottles from all over the world. The cellar at the Resorts World Manila branch (which can feature hard to find wines like Napa Valley’s Screaming Eagle, and Bordeaux’s Chateau Petrus), according to Peter, promises to be one of the top wine cellars in the country over time.

Raising the Steaks

If you’re like many of the folk here in the Philippines that have yet to visit the flagship steakhouse in New York (or made the drive to the Resorts World branch), you’ll be given two less reasons not to visit in 2018.

Wolfgang’s, which prides itself in its ability to offer the same quality steaks and service as it does in any of its soon to be 18 branches worldwide, is set to open its second Philippine branch this January at The Podium in Ortigas Center. And later in the second quarter 2018, another Wolfgang’s Steakhouse will be opening – this time in BGC.

Apart from the best USDA meats, top wine brands from around the globe are also offered at Wolfgang's

Apart from the best USDA meats, top wine brands from around the globe are also offered at Wolfgang’s

This Seafood Platter balances the gastronomic indulgence

This Seafood Platter balances the gastronomic indulgence

It’s incredible that in a mere two years after opening its first branch in Manila, there will be three Wolfgang’s Steakhouses – all set in key locations around the metro. Traffic may never ease up on us, but that’s hardly going to be an excuse to not enjoy some of the finest steaks in the world.

Wolfgang's trademark long mahogany bar greets guests as they embark on a laid back yet sophisticated dining experience

Wolfgang’s trademark long mahogany bar greets guests as they embark on a laid back yet sophisticated dining experience

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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is located at Resorts World Manila, 2/F Newport Mall, Newport City, Pasay, and at G/F The Podium, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong. The upcoming BGC branch will be at the new Philippine Stock Exchange Tower in Bonifacio Global City. For more information, visit www.wolfgangssteakhouse.phWolfgang’s