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Champions of Chiropractic

Having recently celebrated its 27th anniversary, United Nations Chiropractic Center continues to bring relief, the natural way

From ancient times, civilizations have recognized the impact of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems on a person’s overall wellbeing. In fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine himself, urged his peers in Greece, way back in 1500 BC, to “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.”

Dating further than that, thousands of years ago, history shows that Chinese health practitioners and Indian yogis also devoted much of their energies to spinal health, corrections, and flexibility. But it wasn’t until the late 1800’s – 1895, to be precise – that chiropractic care was founded by Daniel Dave Palmer, a teacher and magnetic healer from Iowa, USA.

In the Philippines, one organization, United Nations Chiropractic Center, has championed the cause of chiropractic care for nearly three decades. Founded in 1990 by Willie Britt and Dr. Ronald Mitchell, a doctor of chiropractic, UNCC has grown from one clinic to five since its beginnings.

Today, it continues to serve the Philippines with its mission to bring quality chiropractic care that is effective, safe, and affordable to reach more people.

The chiropractic way

Through the years, chiropractic has, by and large, been a polarizing issue: many are sold on the tenets of this alterative form of holistic medicine, but there are those who remain undecided about it. Regardless of viewpoint, however, more and more studies point to the undeniable benefits of chiropractic care: relief from neck and back pain and other muscular maladies, relief from headaches, treatment of sciatica and pinched nerves, heightened mental sharpness, healthy blood pressure levels, improved mental health – the list goes on. All these positive results are achieved from the natural treatment of misalignments of the spine, through a series of hand techniques and adjustments.

“Chiropractic provides a unique health care system which treats the cause of the symptoms rather than just masking the symptoms with medicine,” shares Britt. “Patients, in many cases, are permanently relieved for once in their lives. We make every effort for patient empowerment through education. We want the patient to be an active participant in their overall (holistic) health care,” he adds.

Philippine chiropractic pioneers

UNCC first came to Philippine shores in 1990 to spread the practice of chiropractic to those seeking a more conservative and natural means of healing one’s body.

“Dr. Ronald Mitchell and I were invited to the Philippines to further share the pioneering idea of chiropractic. As we often give credit where credit is due, the only licensed chiropractor practicing in the Philippines before 1990 was Dr. Jameson Uy. After numerous trips and discussions with members of the academic and health care communities, Dr. Mitchell and I established the first American chiropractic clinic in the Philippines,” Britt recalls.

A few years down the road, the team grew with the addition of Dr. Walter Brush, also a doctor of chiropractic. Both Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Bush studied chiropractic and were licensed in the States, but chose to champion the cause of chiropractic on Philippine shores.

Healthy spines, healthy lives

Even though the practice has grown tremendously since its beginnings, the UNCC team’s mission remains noble and unchanged: to help create healthy lives through healthy spines.

“When we first opened and until this day, we are not concerned about how many clinics we operate or others in the chiropractic field operate or the number of doctors working for them,” Britt notes. “Rather, we are morally bound to ensure we provide high quality health care to the general populous at affordable prices. Our professional concern is with just two things – your health and our reputation.”

Committed to chiropractic care

Holding themselves to their high moral standard and quality of care, UNCC forges on with the same dedication to providing chiropractic care, in the best way they possibly can. As Britt points out: “Whatever level of treatment we desire for our family members and close friends, we demand the same level of care and concern for our patients. Through the years we have treated thousands of patients, some with very difficult cases. We made a solemn commitment to do what is in the best interest of the patient, to include appropriate referrals to other health care providers. Caring for patients is what we are honored to do.”

And, it is this solemn commitment to caring for each of their patients with the utmost in the chiropractic that will carry UNCC well into the future.

From ancient roots to a modern-day setting, chiropractic is here to stay – and UNCC is here to provide it, one spinal alignment and adjustment at a time.

To learn more about United Nations Chiropractic Center, www.unchiropracticmanila.com.