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Beginnings at Crimson Hotel

Back detail of a Libiran bridal gown

The premier hotel in the city of Muntinlupa sets the stage for memorable matrimonies

“I DO.” Two very small words that carry huge meaning. In the fraction of a second it takes to utter that itty-bitty phrase, a lifetime of commitment is set into motion. But, before the momentous exchange of vows can take place, months – even years – of plans, plots, and painstaking preparations typically go into the making of the milestone. From the most seemingly mundane of details, such as “Ecru, white, or off-white for the invites?” to the bigger deals like theme, food and setting, gown, ceremony and reception, there is a brain-spinning number of things that go into orchestrating a truly unforgettable wedding day. After all, every soon-to-be-wed couple desires to get off on the right foot – preferably taking that step (more like a leap, really!) in elegance, style, and the utmost of Instagram-worthy flair.

The Crimson Hotel in Filinvest City Alabang understands both the gravity and the glory of “I Do.” So much so, that the premier hotel is committed to making it as special and as hassle-free as possible for all starry-eyed couples looking to tie the proverbial knot.

Themes for dreams

In its efforts to extend a helping hand and to satisfy every couple’s penchant for a unique “Big Day,” the Crimson Hotel offers a roster of themes. Each one is carefully curated and designed to suit a variety of personal preferences and dream wedding concepts. For those looking to step out in the utmost of style, there’s the Glam Wedding Package, which pulls out all the stops in the luxury department. The Crimson Posh Wedding, on the other hand exudes a chic, romantic panache. Meanwhile, couples looking for something classic and delicate will fall in love with the Dainty Wedding theme, while those with a knack for the rustic and relaxed will revel in the Country Wedding option. Other packages, such as a quirky Art Theme, are also available.

And let’s not forget the ceremony. The Crimson Hotel’s al fresco deck area provides an ideal setting for cheery, sunny day nuptials, or a magical moon-drenched union.

Table setting for the Posh Package

Table setting for the Posh Package

All set for a Country Wedding

All set for a Country Wedding

Here comes the bride

But what’s a wedding without a gown? Perhaps the focal point of every bride’s matrimonial machinations, the wedding gown must be perfect – or, beware the Bridezilla!

At its recent bridal showcase, Crimson Hotel partnered with acclaimed Filipino designer, Francis Libiran to shine the spotlight on a collection that was nothing short of stunning. Gowns in all shapes and silhouettes, from extravagant and edgy to classic and charming, came down the runway, to the delight of all in attendance.

Back detail of a Libiran bridal gown

Back detail of a Libiran bridal gown

The color of passion and love

The color crimson has long symbolized passion and love. It is no wonder, then, that the hotel in the heart of the southern haven of Alabang is dedicated to making every wedding day as special as the story behind it. Perhaps, your unique “forever” begins at Crimson Hotel.

Custom wedding cake by Crimson Hotel

Custom wedding cake by
Crimson Hotel

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Photos by ANDIE D. SYYAP