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Makati Shangri-La, Manila creates Gourmet with leftovers at World Food Day 2017

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World Food Day is celebrated every Oct. 16 in more than 150 countries, in raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and global hunger. Makati Shangri-La, Manila is taking an active participation in the World Food Day this year by creating new dishes by repurposing specific ingredients and parts of original dishes from the hotel’s buffet restaurant, Circles Event Cafe.

Championed by the hotel’s new Executive Chef Nicola Canuti, he used the least favorite parts of the beef, stale bread, and cold cooked rice to deliver instant culinary creations.

“We feel saddened with the good ingredients going to waste. With this, we thought of simple but creative ways on how to make delicious and nutritious food with ingredients that are often disregarded,” said Chef Nicola Canuti.

Executive Chef Nicola Canuti showcased high-quality gourmet dishes such as Croissant & Bread Butter Pudding, Reuben Sandwiches, Green Mango Salad with Beef, Mushroom Arancini, and Italian Fried Rice. These ingredients often end up in the trash bins and contribute not only to the hotel’s food waste, but also to the world’s food waste.

“Makati Shangri-La takes an active participation in making the world a better place by promoting various sustainable practices and teaching how everyone in our local communities can do the same from home. Observing World Food Day is one of these best practices, which are all hinged on the organization’s corporate social responsibility and commitment to Sustainability,” said Hotel Manager Udo Wittich.

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Makati Shangri-La Celebrates World Food Day 2017

Year to date, Makati Shangri-La have already reduced their food waste by 28%. In the following years, the hotel is expecting a further decrease in food waste that will eventually set an example to the Philippine hospitality industry.


Recipes of Makati Shangri-La’s World Food Day Menu

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