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Bayer Animal Health launches Seresto® (Imidacloprid+Flumethrin)


Bayer Animal Health launched Seresto® (Imidacloprid+Flumethrin), a flea and tick collar for dogs and cats, in the Philippines. The product is available through prescription of authorized veterinarians.

“Seresto® (Imidacloprid+Flumethrin), represents a major progress in the development of anti-parasitic treatments. It is the longest lasting product in the market against fleas and ticks. It provides up to eight months continuous protection with a single application,” said Dr. Susanne Siebert of Bayer’s Global Companion Animal Marketing Group. Seresto® (Imidacloprid+Flumethrin), which has been globally available since 2011, is registered in more than 60 countries and has treated millions of pets worldwide.

Over two hundred veterinarians and partners attended the launch event. Experts were also present to discuss pressing animal health topics. The resource speakers were Dr. Remil Galay, Assistant Professor from the UP College of Veterinary Medicine, who delivered a lecture on tick biology, tick-borne diseases and the current situation of canine TBDs in the Philippines, and Dr. Ta-Li Lu, Cardiologist at Cardiospecial Veterinary Hospital – Taiwan, who tackled vector-borne disease management and diagnostics.


“Transmission of companion vector-borne diseases via parasites like fleas and ticks is a growing concern of veterinarians and pet owners alike. Bayer’s innovative flea and tick  ollar helps protect pets from these diseases for up to 8 months thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission to pets, and giving pet owners confidence that their dogs and cats are well-protected,” added Dr. Siebert.