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TGIFridays “22nd Shake, Rattle, and Pour 2017” Bartender Championship August 30, at Venice Grand Canal Mall

Jolan "The Supernova" Penafiel (TGIFridays Galleria)

Accuracy in pouring, flawless hand-eye coordination, a deep understanding of the bar’s wide beverage selection and their ingredients, a cheery personality, and cutting-edge flair tending skills—the standards are high but the spirits are more than keyed up. So gear up, raise a glass, and brace yourselves for the competition of a lifetime as bartenders battle it out for the much-coveted title of Bartending King or Queen. It’s time for TGIFRIDAY’S “2017 Shake, Rattle and Pour Bartender Championship” which is now on its 22nd year.

A total of 19 TGIFridays bartenders from Metro Manila, Luzon, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro competed during the Compulsory Round held recently. This segment of the competition consisted of a Pour Test (to test their competency in pouring the right amount of liquor accurately without using measuring tools); a Prep Test (where they were assessed in their skills in precise cutting of garnishes and prepping mixes); and a Speed Round (a challenge in their capability to make drinks accurately and efficiently within the fastest possible time). There were also the Drink Recipe Exam (a written test that measured their aptitude with all Fridays drink recipes including ingredients, glassware, procedure and garnish); and the BCBIT Manual Exam (where the TGIFridays Bartending Standards were tested).

Only the top 8 contenders of this round moved forward to battle it out at the exciting Freestyle Competition on August 30 at 4 pm at TGIFridays Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley, Taguig City.

The 8 winners who competed at the Freestyle Round were Ioanniesse “The Pilot” Jara (TGIFridays Solenad), Gian Karlo “The Avenger” Torres (TGIFridays Evia), Ralph Gerald “The Chaser” Camus (TGIFridays Tomas Morato), Michael “Big Mike” dela Torre (TGIFridays McKinley), Gerwyn Arnold “Mr. Dreamboy” Talus-an (TGIFridays Alabang Town Center), and Jace “Big Hero” Luzarraga (TGIFridays Eastwood); Jolan “The Supernova” Penafiel (TGIFridays Greenbelt) and Khristle “Harley Quinn” Hosena (TGIFridays Galleria).

Ralph Gerald “The Chaser” Camus (TGIFridays Tomas Morato)

Michael “Big Mike” dela Torre (TGIFridays McKinley)

Khristle “Harley Quinn” Hosena (TGIFridays McKinley)

Jolan “The Supernova” Penafiel (TGIFridays Galleria)

Jace “Big Hero” Luzarraga (TGIFridays Eastwood)

Loanniesse “The Pilot” Jara (TGIFridays Solenad)

Gian Karlo “The Avenger” Torres (TGIFridays Evia)

Gerwyn Arnold “Mr. Dreamboy” Talus-an (TGIFridays Alabang Town Center

During the Freestyle Round, these bartenders’ overall competency and confidence was put to test through an 8-minute routine showcasing their showmanship skills—of bottle-flipping, drink-tossing and all-star-flairtending style—while preparing five different drinks under pressure, just like a busy night in the life of a TGIFridays bartender.

In the end, three bartenders bested the others and came out on top of the fierce competition: Gian Karlo “The Avenger” Torres placed as 2nd runner-up, Ioanniesse “The Pilot” Jara took 1st runner-up, while Jolan “The Supernova” Penafiel bagged the top spot, winning a sum of money, the coveted TGIFriday’s Propeller trophy, and the chance to represent the country in the Asa-Pacific segment to be held this year in Jakarta .

Last year, Aldrin Javar of TGIFridays Fairview won the “King of the Bar” title and represented the country at the Regional barchamps held in Taiwan.

TGIFridays Philippines celebrates a heritage of champions as it is known to produce top bartenders who have won accolades in international competitions. Rizza Umlas was adjudged World Bartending Champion (the first female bartender to achieve this feat) in Dallas, Texas in 2015 while Eric “El Terrible” Martinez brought home the World Title in 2006 at the TGIFridays World Bartender Championship (WBC) held in Las Vegas, USA.

TGIFridays’ World Bartender Championship debuted in 1991 in the USA. And for the last 26 years, the fun and excitement that surround this competition have not waned, proving that the energy around the Fridays bar and its talented bartenders is as intense and as vibrant as ever.

“TGIFRIDAYS “22nd SHAKE, RATTLE, AND POUR 2017” is sponsored by Andy Cola-Emperador Distiller Inc., San Miguel Beer Light – San Miguel Brewery Inc., and Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi – Future Trade International.