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Experience Australian grassfed


The leading source of grassfed beef showcases their healthier meats to over 60 restaurants in Manila, Cebu and Davao

A culinary experience treated diners in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao as over 60 restaurants participated in the second Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu promotion.

Following the success of its first Australian Grassfed Beef promotion in 2015, the Australian Embassy in in Manila collaborated with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), the Victorian State Government, and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) for the carnivorous culinary trail, highlighting true Aussie beef.

Experience the plethora of ways Australian grassfed beef can be prepared in customized menus by the participating restaurants – from steaks, meat pies, burgers, pasta dishes, among others – until Aug. 20.

Shangri-la The Fort: Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar, a modern American steakhouse, highlights premium quality meat sourced from sustainable farms. For those with adventurous palates, Expat recommends Cape Grim Beef Tartate – a dish made with grassfed raw meat, with confit quail egg yolk, capers, parmesan and croutons.

Cape Grim Beef Tartate

Cape Grim Beef Tartate

Tenderloin and Striploin of Raging Bull

Tenderloin and Striploin

For mains, indulge in Tenderloin (Cape Grim grassfed, Tasmania) and Striploin (Robbins Island 22 day dry-aged Wagyu MS 7+ grass raised, Tasmania), which come with sides of creamy mashed potatoes and cauliflower gratin – coming together to perfectly compliment your palate.

As a counterbalance to all the meaty goodness, try their passion fruit pulp and mango sorbet topped with a white fluffy cotton candy.

Downtown & Halsted, a bar that features different art pieces, treats both your appetite and your sense. The trendy watering hole serves an array of dishes such as Chili con Carne on Potato Skin, where the savory beef blends perfectly with the baked potato skin; Australian Beef Slider and Braised Barbeque with Mashed Potato – braised beef burgers, packed and juicy, with a taste of blue cheese (the bar’s bestseller).

Downtown & Halsted_

Chili con Carne on Potato Skin

Downtown & Halsted_

Australian Beef Slider and Braised Barbeque with Mashed Potato

8 Cuts Burger Blends, home to some of the juiciest burgers in town, serves the Grassfed Blend as part of the promotion – a healthier alternative to their popular House Blend. Other mouthwatering delights at 8 Cuts are Piggy, Four Cheese and Q-daddy sliders.

3 slider of Piggy, Four Cheese, and Q Daddy, with Onion Rings, Skinny Fries and Milkshakes

3 slider of Piggy, Four Cheese, and Q Daddy, with Onion Rings, Skinny Fries and Milkshakes

8 Cuts Cheeseburger

At The Fireplace at New World Manila Bay, indulge in their succulent Tenderloin, and Rib eye – both of which are quite literally fork tender. Expat recommends finishing off the meal with their Fruit Tart with Gelato and Panna Cotta.


The Fireplace_

Fruit Tart with gelato

The Fireplace_


The Fireplace_

Panna Cotta

The carnivorous trail the good people from the Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu promotion took us on showcased a diverse selection of restaurants, from casual to fine dining. The equally wide range of tastes that treated us at every stop is a testament to the quality and versatility of the beef.

“We wanted to make sure that people understand that when it comes to Australian grassfed beef, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a super-expensive meal. You can actually have very affordable, quality beef served in all kinds of dining settings,” said Australian Trade and Investment Senior Commissioner Elodie Journet.

For more information on the Australian Grassfed Beef on the Menu promotion, check out “Australia in the Philippines” on Facebook, @AusAmbPH on Twitter or the official campaign hashtag on social media #TrueAussieBeefPH