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Discover your Pinnacle for a better you

Pinnacle Performance enters Manila’s fitness scene

With the fitness wave only getting stronger, the wealth of fitness options has made it easier for anyone who sets out a goal to live a healthier lifestyle to get their fix. But there’s a difference between regularly sweating it out, bulking up, and losing fat, and seeing real, quantifiable results. And that’s exactly what Pinnacle Performance promises – no promos, no gimmicks, just scientific training that will give you results.

Pinnacle relativity

It all starts with understanding where you currently are physically. Pinnacle claims to be the only gym in Manila offering full physical profiling that measures strength, power, speed, agility, and body composition – ensuring a scientifically accurate and measurable fitness status profile necessary to guide your goals.

So how exactly do they go about charting where you currently are? First off, the trainers behind Pinnacle have identified 10 valid tests of athletic ability used by pro athletes around the world. By undergoing the tests that include sprints, broad jumps, pullups, deadlifts, rows, and cycling (among others), they’re able to show you where you sit on that scale, which they call the Pinnacle Global Rating (PGR).

According to Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Summers, among all the athletes they’ve tested in Asia, the highest PGR score was a 7+. Though it has to be made clear, the scale isn’t designed to discourage if you score somewhere around 2-3—it’s meant to inspire you.

And that’s exactly what happened to me as I underwent the PGR testing. I knew that in my mid-30s, I was still quick enough and agile enough (perhaps in the upper percentile of my age group). But I also knew that my cardio needed a ton of work. So as I saw my scores being dragged from the low 5s to somewhere in the 3s, as I moved from being tested for speed and agility to aerobic and anaerobic exercises, I had discovered a goal.

Whether it was having a higher PGR score, or just ultimately being able to perform those exercises better, I’d been made aware of where I stood physically. Getting to where I needed to be was up to the program Pinnacle would subscribe, and how I committed to it.

Personalized fitness journey

“We write periodized programs – so if we know your goal in four months is to get stronger, we want to take your squats from 100 kilograms to 150. We increase the weight in the right manner,” explains Summers, who is an internationally accredited coach, and Nike Performance Network Trainer, with a vast experience in working with professional and elite performance athletes.

“Even if the goal is the same, exercises would be different for individuals with different PGR levels.”

Personally, I found that whether the goal is to perform better in your recreational leagues, sort out a chronic injury, or look like that celebrity on Instagram, understanding where you currently are, and allowing Pinnacle to design a personalized path for getting there, will lead to a better PGR score, and ultimately, a better you.

“The reason we get such good results is because we keep telling you how they’re getting on,” says Summers. “We’re the only gym that calls you when we don’t see you enough. We’re the only one where every month, we tell you that you’re on target – keep going, keep improving – we even send you your monthly report.”

Don’t take my word for it, give it a go

For all prospective members, Pinnacle Performance offers free unlimited gym access for a week. Get yourself tested to find out where you stand, get an individual program, join Group Development Sessions, and define what your personal Pinnacle is.

Pinnacle Performance is located at the 28th Floor, Centuria Medical Makati, Kalayaan Ave. cor Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati. For more information, contact (02) 793-8763, email info@pinnacleperformance.ph, or visit www.pinnacleperformance.ph