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Building your world

MJ Ringor CEO Mundo Design + Build

How Mundo Design + Build integrates design and construction with centralized service, efficiency and top-notch quality.

To an outsider, marrying efficiency and quality may seem like common sense in the world of design and construction. But if you’ve ever commissioned a development project, you’d know that having the two is almost akin to a privilege.

But those are exactly the two main promises of Mundo Design + Build—one of the few local firms that integrate both design and construction, providing services ranging from construction management, commercial and industrial design, and real estate management. Having their own in-house personnel allows Mundo to deliver genuinely centralized service, cutting out third parties, and making every project that much easier to control.

“That’s why we work fast, we get things done quickly without sacrificing the quality,” Mundo Design + Build CEO MJ Ringor tells Expat. “And while past projects like past projects like Vikings, Café Veranda in Taal Vista, and Hotel 101 might serve as testaments to Mundo’s quality of work, it’s the way the company grew from a team comprised of three people, to their current workforce of 120, in just less than 10 years that is perhaps the best proof of the firm’s top-notch services.

Custom fit design

“The business was initially just about design, but my clients would always complain about the poor service from their contractors,” shares Ringor. “They saw my potential in project management and pushed me to get into construction.”

But more than potential, it is Ringor’s passion for design and building (which made him decide to move back home from New York) that gives Mundo a unique touch when it comes to their client relationships.

Cafe Veranda

Cafe Veranda

Rockwell Residential Unit

Rockwell Residential Unit

“It’s always a collaboration,” Ringor explains. “Our relationship with our clients is very personal, we listen to what the client wants, which allows us to tailor our design principles to their preferences and demands.”

Presently, Mundo has taken on a wide array of projects such as offices, retail outlets, and restaurants, with costs ranging from PhP250,000 to PhP200 million.

“The goal is to build your world,” says Ringor. “And not only do we build aesthetically and structurally, but I also want us to build the world for our staff and the people in our community.”

Mundo Design + Build is located at 1477 Apolinario St. cor. Gen. Mascardo St., Bangkal, Makati. For inquiries, contact (02) 550-2488 loc. 103, (02) 551-1473, email info@mundobuilders.com or visit www.mundobuilders.com.