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Bistro Manuel: The Maestro is back!


Like a beautiful symphony, Chef Ariel Manuel will have you from the first note – the perfect balance between the traditional and familiar, and the bold and personal

Poblacion, Makati – one of the trendiest foodie destinations in the metro welcomed three new concept restaurants by Chef Ariel Manuel, multi-awarded chef of Lolo Dad’s fame. These three concepts is a wine bar called The Sippery, a tapas restaurant named Taperia Poblacion (both on the ground floor) and Bistro Manuel (located on the second floor).

Finding Bistro Manuel tucked in the heart of Poblacion feels like uncovering a secret – one you know you couldn’t keep to yourself. And with the return of Chef Ariel after three years, Bistro Manuel is sure to please not only longtime fans, but also gain plenty of new ones.

Chef Ariel Manuel

Chef Ariel Manuel

Bistro Manuel 2

“I want to create a new image with the opening of the Bistro Manuel,” Chef Ariel shared with Expat. “It’s not just a revival of Lolo Dad’s because I want to introduce new dishes also, and not the typical Lolo Dad’s that will make a hole in your pocket.”

Taste of nostalgia

But those with a hankering for the taste of nostalgia brought by Lolo Dad’s need not fret, as Bistro Manuel included signature dishes from the renowned restaurant together with the new creations.

Expect to see the Lolo Dad’s Cafe Baked Oyster with Foie gras and the Duck Leg Confit, as well as many other favorites to relive your sense of nostalgia, especially for those who celebrated their special occasions in Chef Ariel’s first restaurant.

Lolo Dad's Cafe baked Oyster with Foie gras

Lolo Dad’s Cafe baked Oyster with Foie gras

Duck leg confit

Duck leg confit

Herb de Provence crusted Rack of Lamb

Herb de Provence crusted Rack of Lamb

The former, which comes with delicate strands of angel hair pasta, with parmesan cheese tucked underneath the oysters, provide a mild foil for the buttery indulgence. The latter is served with Mediterranean duck foie gras rice, one of Chef Ariel’s signature dishes.

Fresh creations

But for those eager to sample Chef Ariel’s new creations, the more playful, bold flavors take center stage – most evident in Only for the Rich grilled Pizza, packed with a smorgasbord of ingredients that surprisingly go together perfectly. Lobster, duck liver, scallops, prosciutto, salami and smoked salmon with Bufala cheese and truffle tomato spread all gather for a shindig of flavorful explosions.

Romaine Caesar salad

“Only for the Rich” grilled Pizza

Lemon Meringue Pie

Tiramisu Souffle

For the playfully named Lamb and Lamb with Lamb, he uses meat from Australia prepared in three ways: roasted, stewed, and in the form of a sweetbread fritter, with creamy mashed potatoes on the side.

“The signatures are actually expensive because 75 percent of my ingredients are imported… these are premium cuts,” Chef Ariel explained.

Apart from indulging in both the old and the new, guests can get a glimpse of how masterpieces are created with Bistro Manuel’s open kitchen, a nice touch to the relaxed, homey ambience marked by with table cloths and classic furniture.

With the minimalist interiors, Bistro Manuel enables diners to focus more on the art crafted on their plates.

Taperia Poblacion

Taperia Poblacion

The Sippery 2

The Sippery

Bistro Manuel, Taperia Poblacion and The Sippery Bar & Brew are located at Six Axis Center 4347 B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati. For reservations, call (02) 871-8566, (02) 734-1067, (0998) 342-3566.