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Painting Songs on Canvas

Ikaw pa rin., 2017, Acrylic on wood, 20 x 30 inches

Followers of modern Filipino music, regardless of age would of course remember “ Pers Lab”, the pop song that made Manila swoon, and eventually mass conquered the Philippines. Did it sweep off your parents’ young and nimble feet? For sure, it did, and Garcia’s foray into the music world led original and homegrown Filipino music to become legit.

Garcia’s Hotdog band dished out hits after hits after “Manila” and “Panaginip”. Who would not prance and romp with “Annie Batungbakal” and “Badaf Forever”? Groove and rock with “Bongga Ka Day”? Feel hopeless romantic with “Ikaw and Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko”, go punk with “Behhh, Buti Nga”, swoon with “Bitin Sa Iyo”, Flirt with, “O, Lumapit Ka”?

Who would not fall in love with “Ikaw Pa Rin”, “Sa Isip Ko”, “Langit Na Naman”, “Pusong Mamon”, “Sana’y Maganda Ako”, “You Make Me Blush ( Parang Pulang Kamatis ) “ and more. 

The “Manila Sound” genre of Garcia’s Hotdog band eventually became part of the Vicor label, owned by music industry tycoon Vic del Rosario. Garcia’s Manila Sound was destined to become the Golden Age of Philippine Music.

Today, a couple of decades later, a Hotdog reunion can still pack a big auditorium, with some of the most scintillating names in the Philippine social grata guaranteed to attend. What does that tell you? Gold id gold. Regardless of what year it happens.

What is Garcia up to these days? 

He is still writing songs out of his comfort zone, but on a different platform. His words and lyrics are now colors and hues. His emotions and lullabies are now objects and shapes. His vernacular and English verbs are now vibrant crimsons and purples. His thoughts and colorful language are now graphic forms and multiple shades of the rainbow- on the big canvas.

When Garcia mounts his first major one-man show, his acerbic wit, sensual (sometimes sexually, explicit) and whole gamut of emotions will be “heard” and seen in glass-encased frames.

He will be exhibiting 25 all-new pieces, all based on songs he has written for Hotdog. The venue will be at Ricco Renzo Gallery, Suite 206, 2nd Floor, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St. (former Reposo) in Bel Air II, Makati City, on June 7, which will run until June 18. He will bring back all your favorite OPM songs, but this time, on canvas using acrylic and oil paints. No formal art education, no rules, no formulas, no pretensions, Garcia will take this rare opportunity to introduce you to the phenomenon that the world is now embracing with gusto – Outsider Art (naïve, self-taught art) from simple inspired people “aimed at your heart, not your wallet”, he says.