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Award-winning Painter Arlinda Frota Exhibits Porcelain Pieces at Rustan’s

Foto Consulado 2017

Rustan’s has always represented a well-rounded curation of pieces from different parts of the globe. This May, Rustan’s invites everyone to transport to the romantic heights of Portugal through the vibrant imagery and sensual colors found in Portugal Divino!: A Portuguese Festival.

Taking the spotlight in this activity is a special exhibit of colorful art and home pieces, where the works of renowned Portuguese painter Arlinda Frota will take the center stage. Through her exquisite, meticulously hand-painted works, Arlinda Frota, an icon in her own right, shares the amazing stories of her homeland and her travels across the world.

A medical doctor for more than forty years, Arlinda has always been interested in painting and mixing colours since she was a young child. As an ambassador’s wife, Arlinda was able to travel to different countries and experience different cultures. Themes from Indonesia, Korea, China and her home country Portugal are portrayed in her delicate brush strokes.

She learned the techniques of porcelain painting when she moved to Macau, China by her mentor—a Portuguese lady residing in Macau. It was then when she discovered another way of performing arts to support emotions and affections. In 2009, she spent time in Indonesia and discovered the beauty of “batik”— the art of wax resistant painting on fabric, an age-old tradition in Indonesia — and its classic patterns. Arlinda skillfully incorporated themes of batik patterns into a handful of her works, as well as other Indonesian beliefs and cultural ideologies. In Korea, she started to frequent courses in classic Korean painting on rice paper, and was able to translate the techniques and patterns of Korean artistic motifs in her porcelain paintings.

Choosing porcelain as her canvas, Arlinda has found the means, in her own words, to “bring into physical form feelings and harmony that give meaning to the universe, society, nature and humanity.” Since she took up the brush in her youth, she has held numerous exhibits, and her works have become prized pieces. In fact, one of her works was presented as a Kofi Anan Prize given by the former UN Secretary General at the 7th World Peace Exhibition.

Her works on unique porcelain painting show her own way and freedom to express feelings. “The delicacy of the traditional arts, the minutiae of the details when painting flowers, trees, landscapes, birds, plants, butterflies, bees and other subjects drawn from nature or human figures, have enchanted me since my childhood. Even the touch of the porcelain itself and the brightness and light it emanates are complimentary reasons for my devotion,” Frota shares in her book, Reflections, shedding light on what inspires her to create art.

This coming May 11-June 6, 2017, be inspired by her work displayed at the exhibit found in Portugal Divino!: A Portuguese Festival at Rustan’s Makati from May 11 to 25, and Rustan’s Shangri-La from May 26 to June 6. Arlinda Frota’s porcelain masterpieces will be showcased alongside other handsome pieces and home décor from other Portuguese heritage brands, helping them paint a more vibrant, evocative image of Portugal.

Arlinda Frota’s works of art will be displayed at Portugal Divino! from May 11 to May 25 at the 5th floor of Rustan’s Makati, and May 26 to June 6 at Rustan’s Shangri-la. For more information, visit www.rustans.com.ph