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Journey beyond the senses with Martell


Without a doubt, the local palate has gone through a distinctive evolution in recent years—shifting from the preference of the safe and known, to a far more adventurous taste – with an excitable yearning to try a kaleidoscope of gustatory delights.

This paradigm shift has likewise transmogrified the urban lifestyle landscape – with restaurants, holes-in-the-wall, chic speakeasies, and trendy bars running the gamut from the fad-driven, to delectable discoveries.

It is this development that led to one of the world’s premier Cognac brands – Martell –to reestablish its mark in the Philippines.

Throughout its 300-year history, Martell cognacs have delighted people all over the world – from simple dilettantes to expert connoisseurs – allowing those who experience Martell to explore the mystery of why a particular blend of aromas and sensations have spoken to generations of cognac drinkers.

Martell’s creations tell the story of its style through the years. It speaks to all those who call for excellence in the quality of their enjoyments – a trait shared by the founder of the House—Jean Martell.

The blends

Martell looks to take its rightful place in the local scene with three of its most famous blends—the VSOP, Cordon Bleu, and the XO.

The VSOP, with its golden amber shade translates to an initial taste of lingering candied fruits, which soon after develop complexity that lead to a pleasant, supple, mellow feel, with a full, round body, and a long finish.

The Martell VSOP can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as a long drink or in a cocktail. The legendary Cordon Bleu is the perfect emblem of the Martell style, remarkable for its elegance and aromatic complexity. And while cognacs can be classified into several different groups, most connoisseurs agree that Martell Cordon Bleu is in a class of its own.

“Martell Cordon Bleu is truly unique among XO cognacs,” says cellar master Benoit Fil. “It has very elegant notes of candied fruit and gingerbread, and embodies the authentic character of Borderies.”

Martell Cordon Bleu can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or diluted with a little water. The XO includes eaux-de-vie from Martell’s four main terroirs, but is marked by a subtle balance between elegance and roundness of the old Borderies eaux-de-vie and the structure of those from Grand Champagne.

The fig and walnut notes are round and fruity on the palate, which is followed by the characteristic strength and finesse of Grand Champagne eaux-de-vie for a lingering, silky finish.

The Martell XO is ideal for special occasions, best enjoyed neat, or with a splash of water to bring out the aromas.