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Tripkada Travel Day 2017 to gather kindred spirits this March!

Tripkada, a mobile app that allows travelers to join groups organized by fellow travelers, is set to bring those smitten by wanderlust together once again with Tripkada Travel Day 2017 on Mar. 11.

Come to Commune Cafe+Bar and Z hostel to experience a day and night of fun, games, drinks, music, and all things travel related, and get to meet travel experts and influencers.

Tripkada Travel Day 2017, with its series of workshops, allows travel bloggers to enhance their travel photography, writing skills, and gain more traffic on their profiles.

And for simple travel enthusiasts, you can meet fellow adventurers and get to bond over your favorite destinations and the best place to hit for 2017.

Apart from bringing the local travel community together, Trikada Travel Day participants get a chance to bring home a slew of giveaways.

Interested parties can contact Enia Mapa at (0917) 850-0631 or email enia.tripkada@gmail.com. You can also reserve a slot on the Tripkada app, available on the Google Play Store. Fee is PhP300, inclusive of giveaways.