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Marina Seaview—a look-sea at high dining


Places to eat vary greatly from places to dine. Places of view takes precedence over indoor dining places. New looks, fresh touches, delightful tastes. Light is dimmed within the place, but sparkles from beyond. Two bridges not too far separating two cities. Gleaming at twilight, shining at nightfall.

Located near the Cebu Yacht Club in Mactan Island, the brand new Marina Seaview offers a refreshing locale for food enthusiasts seeking something different. Something out of the ordinary. Something that offers an appetite-enhancing view. With lots and lots of room.

Creating quite a splash in the dining realm. Making waves for the picky eater. And we don’t just mean the reference to the nearby aquatic waters.

In the words of Anthony Ballreich, one of the four owners, no concept in Cebu and Mactan comes close. A year in preparation and concept visualization has finally bore fruit. Prime location, premium food, premiere ambiance… let’s examine the numbers.

The expanse

A 700-seating capacity restaurant; 1,500 square meters of indoor AND outdoor space; three-level outdoor dining; 250-person ballroom capacity; PhP600 to PhP800 per head for buffet functions; and one upcoming Ocean Jet Terminal—all conveniently located near the airport, beside a newly-opened mall, and just a few dozen meters from the outdoor bar.

A sparkling view of Marina Seaview's interiors

A sparkling view of Marina Seaview’s interiors

While the numbers certainly say a lot, its visual appeal add to it even more. The new sprawling structure evokes amnesia as to the previous tenant restaurant. The open glassed-in high ceilings and luxe interiors speak of multiple-star levels. Add on the soothing live entertainment of jazzy tunes and instrumentals of an experienced duo as appetizers to a memorable repast.

The grub

Menu consists of high-grade steaks, pasta, ribs, soups, pizza, and other continental selections.

The US tenderloin steak was quite flavorful and came in generous proportions. A couple of bites were enough to convince any diner of its authenticity, while the hickory ribs was an absolute smash, which comes with sauce and literally falling off the bone. Now that’s the ideal way to dine!

Marina Seaview by Blue Elephant. The latter is a highly regarded rooftop resto bar situated atop Apple One Tower beside Ayala Center that offers prime cuisine and a panoramic view of the shimmering metropolis. The views and reviews just can’t get any loftier as tens of hundreds of satisfied diners can only agree. The cuisine and the scenery’s fight for supremacy results in a win-win situation for the customer.