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Indy Paredes: Endings are Beginnings of Pendings


Ongoing until Jan. 13; 1335 MABINI, 1335 Mabini St., Ermita, Manila; for more information, call (02) 254-8498, (0917) 704-2962 or email info@1335mabini.com

From Indy Paredes’ continued interest in the negotiations between public and private spaces comes the artist’s probing of infrastructure expansion culture. Endings are Beginnings of Pendings particularly explores a peculiar architectural sensibility (or lack thereof) usually practiced in populous areas of the country, where rooftops – which are intuitively considered to be the finishings of a structure – are treated as beginnings of further upward floor level expansion due to the scarcity of space. Paredes takes on this muddled interplay between time and space as the subject of his second solo exhibition, seeking to uncover relevant cultural implications.

A large installation made of structural detritus sourced from the aftermath of a typhoon sets the mood for the exhibition, whose suppositions are further driven by other works that include assemblages and video.