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Bring home a true masterpiece with Rustan’s X BenCab

BenCab Items

Rustan’s, the country’s premier destination for luxury goods and quality products, has always brought home the best of the world and our very own. The retail giant has always been a supporter for the arts through its partnership with notable artist names from both the local scene and global influence.

Last year, a limited edition home merchandise collection was launched in collaboration with legendary Philippine National Artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera, more popularly known as “BenCab”. Hailed as the master of Philippine contemporary art, Rustan’s has showcased his works of art through a well-loved artisan home collection as part of BenCab’s celebration of 50 creative years in the industry.

This November, Rustan’s continues to promulgate its passion for the arts and commemorate the significant contribution of the National Artist to the nation’s embodiment of visual arts with the launch of a new collection under Our Very Own. A new line of home décor and accents is added to the retail giant’s wide array of merchandise that showcases embedded artworks of Ben Cab such as the Blue Sabel (2005), Images of the Past (1999), Madonna (2014), Pillow Vendor (2012), and Kutohan (2014).

From the sophisticated-looking porcelain plates to unconventional mugs, extraordinary cushion covers, attractive fans, decorative trays, and nice utility boxes, the collection unveils classic visual interpretations of the Filipino culture in the olden times through design elements of mother and child illustrations, monumental figures, traditional masks, and different portrayals of women at work. In addition to the wonderful collection, a free BenCab-designed tote bag is given for every single receipt purchase worth PhP 15,000.

BenCab Plates

Kutohan, 2014, 13 sublimated fan with one accent rib

Sabel, 2008, utility box 8x6x3.5 inches and Sabel, 2008, utility box 12x9x2.5 inches

Take home these one-of-a-kind pieces, or give them as gifts for the holidays with these exquisitely curated home accessories. Rustan’s invites its patrons to bring home a true masterpiece for the home, masterfully crafted with the hands and the heart of the art genius.

BenCab Items

BenCab Items

Discover art that’s truly world-class and Filipino in Spirit in Rustan’s Our Very Own.

Rustan’s X BenCab Collection is available in Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Rustan’s Cebu, and Rustan’s Our Very Own Resorts World.