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Transmutation / Dark Bloom


Ongoing until Nov. 8; NOVA Gallery Manila, Warehouse 12A, La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati; for more information, call (02) 659-3697

Transmutation / Dark Bloom tackles the breaking and suffering of our soul to transform our inner “Lead” into our own “Gold” or True Self, our Soul.

The show also discusses that it is merely what we go through during those times in which we feel powerless, confused, disheartened, and afraid.

Every individual’s reaction to a “Darkbloom” event differs— one person may sink into depression and want to be left alone, while another may reject what’s happening and fight fiercely to prevent change. There are others who might recognize that this event is actually an opportunity to let go of past conditioning, beliefs, and traumas, deciding to surrender, without judgment or denial, to whatever they are experiencing.

Transmutation / Dark Bloom also signifies the difficulties man has to overcome on his journey through the underworld. This process is sometimes called ‘blacker than the blackest black’.

Inspired by the dark side of our natural world, alchemy, ancient magic and old symbols, artists Roman and Angelo Padilla will try to answer these burning questions by presenting you a collection of dark and dramatic sculptures, detailed ink illustrations and haunting paintings that will surely encourage the Dark Bloom within all of us.