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Draft Gastropub + Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier = One ale of a great time!

Paulaner Oktobefest Bier

Manila’s popular watering hole takes on Oktoberfest with Germany’s iconic beer

I generally like to think of myself as a reasonably multi-talented person; a Jill-of-all-trades, if you will. I must, however, admit that one skill stands out proudly above the rest: I can drink beer in next to no time, at all. Yes; I can guzzle grog really fast – under four seconds for a 330-milliliter mug, and under eight seconds for a half pint.

Have yet to try a full pint (#GOALS). Now unfortunately, this skill won’t pay the bills, but it does come in handy at Oktoberfest celebrations; at which I am usually enlisted for beer-drinking contests. No coercion necessary.

At Draft Gastropub’s recently concluded round of Okotberfest mania, I once again happily obliged. I say happily because not only do I love beer, I especially love good beer, such as the Paulaner Oktobefest Bier which was generously poured out at Draft.

A hearty German tradition

On Oct. 15, 22 and 29, Draft Gastropub took beer-aficionados back in time via their celebration of a 200-year-old German tradition.

The Oktoberfest started in Munich, as a reception to commemorate the wedding of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Munich residents were invited to the feast and came out, full-force, to honor the couple – and to party in a meadow, now known as Wiesn. The reception lasted for days, as did the feasting and the drinking, and everyone had – if you will pardon the pun – one ale of a great time! The rest has gone down in the annals of beer history: the Oktoberfest has grown to become Germany’s biggest yearly event, and has even spilled over to other countries, far and wide.

A special beer, for a special affair

Now what you may or may not have known about the roots of the first-ever Oktoberfest is that Paulaner was on the scene from the get-go. The well-loved German beer brand was asked to do a special brew for the marriage of Ludwig and Therese. That’s right; Paulaner is as “Oktoberfest” and authentic as Oktoberfest beer gets.

Imagine then, my excitement to learn that not only was Draft hosting this special affair, but that they were doing so in tandem with a special beer: Paulaner. Much as I looked forward to indulging my mad beer-drinking skills, it was also with a little hesitation that I joined the contest, as this “Oktoberfest Ale” (which is also what this unique Paulaner brew is called) was one beer I would have rather savored then chugged. It was all good, though, as I quickly found out that there was more where it came from, thanks to the generous folk at Paulaner.

German eats and treats

True to the Oktoberfest tradition, Draft served up not only super suds, but also delectable German fare to complement the beer. The pub’s renowned Chef, Carlo Miguel, prepared a scrumptious selection of sausages – namely, Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Italian and Andouille – as well as sides of sauerkraut, double mashed potato, corn sucottash, frites and spaetzle. Guten appétit, indeed!

To add to the festivity of the Oktoberfest, Draft hosted live musical performances and fun-filled games (and in case you were wondering, I did win the beer drinking showdown!). This Bavarian bonanza took place at Draft Gastropub’s branches in Greenbelt, Alabang, and the Fort Strip, from the 2nd to the last Saturdays of October.

Ein Prost! Cheers to Oktoberfest (and to next year’s beer extravaganza)!