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Enchanted Kingdom unveils its newest Ghostbusters Adventure Live!


This October, Enchanted Kingdom proudly launches its latest world-class attraction based on the global blockbuster hit movie Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters Adventure Live! is a walk-through attraction concept, the first of its kind in the Philippines, that allows guests to relive the thrills and chills of the popular Hollywood movie franchise.

Inside the walk-through space, expect suspense, excitement and tons of scary fun as you witness memorable movie scenes and interact with ghouly characters, better known as “scare actors” who underwent special training under Dominic McChesney’s world-renowned “Scare School.” McChesney is the Director of Live Attractions Worldwide of the Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, a leader in the creation of scare attractions across the globe.

McChesney explains, “with normal theatre, you are seated in a chair watching the action onstage. With Ghostbusters attractions in EK, all the action happens around you and you are actually moving through the different scenes and iconic moments in the movie. The actors are near you and interacting personally with the audience. They have to make sure that the audience has a good time, that even though it is scary, It is not to the extreme. There is a feeling of being in an adventure.”

With 13 years of training scare actors all over the world under his belt, Dominic knows the value of safety all too well. He says that their job is to endure that the audience goes through the ride without worrying about physical harm.

With the addition of Ghostbusters Live! Attraction in EK’s thrilling roster, park goers can be part of a larger than life adventure. He says, “It is a family thing, where moms and dads can go through with the kids and have a good scare with the actors, loud sounds and other special effects. It adds to the fun feeling of being at Enchanted Kingdom where you can forget about your lives and come into a fantasy world. I hope at Ghostbusters they can come in, scream and laugh. It is a very cool experience.”