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Sweet dreams are made of Sealy

The premium Sealy Sleep Boutique in Manila

Premium spring mattress brand sets up shop in Manila

In today’s hectic world, in which everything seems to move faster than a New York minute, it is easy to get sucked into the vicious vortex of unrelenting activity. Rest and relaxation are often the first to be sacrificed at the altar of hustle-and-bustle, with good, restful sleep closely following suit. The end result? A litany of health issues, and a proliferation of Mr. and Ms. Cranky Pants.

The bottom line is that people need their rest and sleep: to recharge, to rejuvenate, to restore sanity. Now you can go off in seclusion, on a vacation, or a hotel staycation in pursuit of a good night’s sleep; or you can bring the hotel experience into your home and slip into sweet Sealy slumber.

Preferred by hotels

Sealy has been in the business of making your bed a beautiful haven of bliss for over 100 years, to date. With a solid reputation and a heritage of producing fine quality mattresses, backed by intensive and revolutionary research and development, it’s no wonder that Sealy is the mattress brand preferred by renowned hotels the world over.

Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton, The Grand Hyatt, Raffles and Fairmont are just some illustrious names on a long roster of local and international hotel chains that are sold on Sealy.

“We are extremely proud to open Sealy in the country because it has such great potential. It being the preferred mattress of top hotel chains says a lot about the brand; and makes it a perfect addition to our portfolio of global brands,” notes Stephen Sy, President of Focus Global Inc. , the company behind Sealy’s distribution in Manila.

Titanium technology

The secret to Sealy’s success is in its patented PostureTech® Titanium Coil, a groundbreaking technology that makes for superior comfort, proper support, and the correct spinal alignment while you are sleeping. This technology was designed in tandem with the Orthopaedic Advisory Board (OAB), a panel of eminent orthopaedic surgeons, clinicians and sleep experts. Made from twice-tempered titanium alloy, Sealy coils are light, durable and strengthened to retain their resiliency over time.

Furthermore, with its different collections and series, Sealy offers its customers a variety of “sleep feels,” in accordance to their specific needs. In addition, Sealy offers a sleek, contemporary look, to lend a touch of five-star elegance to any bedroom.

Forget the Sandman; instead, head on over to the new Sealy Sleep Boutique at Level 5 Main Wing of the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza for your well-deserved date with deep, dreamy sleep.