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The ‘world’s best water’ finds its way to Manila


They say the best things in life are free. And while there is ample truth in that saying, it also can’t be denied that some of the finest things in the world come at a premium.

Such is the case for Antipodes –the Gold Medal Winner during the 2006 International Water Tasting at the Berkley Springs Water Festival (an annual event that the brand has gotten consistent recognition in) – and widely recognized as the world’s best water.

And now, you can experience what is perhaps the finest water in the world as Brumms Quality Wines, Inc. has decided to bring the premium product from the deepest water aquifer in New Zealand to Manila.

Taste the difference

Long before Antipodes Water makes its way to the tables of premium hotels and restaurants, it spent decades under enormous pressure in vast underground canyons more than 327 meters below the surface of the Bay of Plenty—a remote region in New Zealand.

The pressure from within the aquifer creates a natural filtration process that has led to Antipodes being scientifically categorized as the deepest, highest quality artesian water in New Zealand.

Processed waters require various methods of sterilization, disinfection and sanitization to even begin to stake their claim as being “clean water.” To achieve this, many processed waters are subjected to a cocktail of salts and minerals in order for them to be classified as mineral water.

By contrast, natural water is untouched, and “living water” retains its original unique fingerprint resulting from its natural minerality and its source terroir.

Antipodes Water is bottled at source (rinsed, filled, carbonated and capped without ever being touched by human hand), providing a purity, clarity and taste that can only be found deep down at the end of the earth – ending in a premium product that stands as proof that not all water is created equal.


Drink chilled, drink often, live well

But apart from producing “living water” from the aquifer to the bottle and manufacturing to the highest possible international standards, Antipodes (the world’s first carbon neutral premium water) is committed to producing the world’s best water in a way that is sustainable, ethical and free from unnecessary additives, processing and packaging.

For their commitment and efforts to minimizing their emissions through every step of bottling, marketing and distribution, Antipodes was recognized by the United Nations as the bottled water industry leader in environmental responsibility.

Antipodes is a New Zealand water that is truly different—in quality, in the way it looks, and in its impact on the environment.

Elevate your appreciation for fine living water with Antipodes – drink chilled, drink often, live well.

Antipodes is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Brumms Quality Wines, Inc. It is currently being served in establishments that include Peninsula Manila, Txanton Deli, Conrad Hotel and CAV, among others. For orders, contact (02) 723-7139 and (0939) 908-2169. For more information, visit www.brumms.com.ph