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Fall Leaves After Leaves Fall


Ongoing until Sept. 17, Silverlens, 2/F YMC Building 2, 2320 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext., Makati; For more information, call (02) 816-0044 or email info@silverlensgalleries.com visit www.silverlensgalleries.com

This September, Nona Garcia will be the final artist to show in Silverlens’ first Pasong Tamo Extension gallery, before the gallery moves down the street to its new building in Lapanday Centre. In the ten years since Silverlens started the warehouse gallery model, only three other artists have successfully used all the spaces for a single show—Arturo Luz, Leslie de Chavez, and Gabriel Barredo. Garcia ends this list with Fall Leaves After Leaves Fall.

The artist moved to Baguio City three years ago, and this show marks that move and the intangible milestones since, for both the artist and Silverlens. Garcia uses the elements—water, air, fire, and earth—as markers for these milestones.

Garcia will be showing all paintings. Water and air stand face to face in one of the galleries: two murals face-to-face, one sea (Before The Sea, 2012) and the other, sky (Before the Sky, 2016). Not the first time that either has been shown, but the first time they are shown together, in the way the artist originally intended.

For both Garcia and Silverlens, this is a sentimental show that marks the end of something,
and points to the beginning of another.