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Redesigned cosmopolitan Japanese awaits at John and Yoko


John and Yoko, the beloved cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant recently shook things up in a move to make their dining experience more “bold and exciting.” Aside from the revamped interiors, John and Yoko redefines Japanese cosmopolitan dining with delectable and “Instagrammable” menu items boasting of an authentic yet innovative take on Japanese fare.

The update comes after eight years in Greenbelt 5, in which time John and Yoko gained steady following for its upscale urban cuisine.

John & Yoko brings an "instagrammable" dining experience with bright new interiors and a revamped menu, truly making things bold and exciting!

John & Yoko brings an “instagrammable” dining experience with bright new interiors and a revamped menu, truly making things bold and exciting!

“Filipinos have developed a more discriminating palate for Japanese food, from the freshness of their sushi and sashimi, the crispness of their tempura, and the umami of their ramen. Cosmopolitan cuisine has also evolved from urban to trendy [and] into more sophisticated gastronomy with global appeal,” said Ricky Laudico of the Sumo Sam Restaurant Concepts Group. “John and Yoko takes it up a notch with a new look that appeals to a wider crowd, and a more interesting menu for a truly unique flavor experience.”

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During the media launch, John and Yoko flaunted its 17-course menu—a massive parade of authentic and fresh Japanese cosmopolitan flavors, that started with Salmon Carpaccio (thin slices of Norwegian salmon in soy truffle ponzu, topped with arugula and shaved parmesan) and Truffle Prawns in Asparagus (grilled prawns sautéed with asparagus and crabfat, drizzled with truffle oil and yuzu).

Other must-trys include the Spicy Tuna Salad (mixed greens tossed in onion dressing, surrounded by spicy tuna tartare over seared sushi rice nigiri); Salmon Lasagna (a bed of crispy fried nori and Japanese sushi rice topped with torched ground Norwegian Salmon, Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce); Unagi Chocolate (chicken fillet, lightly dredged in cornstarch and deep-fried, seasoned with salt and pepper, brushed with unagi teriyaki sauce and served with wasabi cream sauce on the side); Salmon Aburi with Mango Salsa (torched Norwegian Salmon sushi, topped with a salad of mango, onion, and cherry tomatoes and filled with a white cream sauce); Dragon Roll (cucumber and unagi with teriyaki sauce, topped with sweet mango); Scallop Dynamite (minced scallops blended with kani and ebiko in a spicy tuna sauce, baked on top of teppan scallops in shell); Oyster Overload (oyster teppan topped with Japanese Hollandaise sauce and melted cheese, served with ponzu sauce); and Crispy Chicken Teriyaki (crunchy chicken fillet tossed in teriyaki sauce, garnished with spring onions and togarashi served with wasabi mayo), among a slew of other belly-busting treats.

Salmon Lasagna

Unagi Chocolate

Crispy Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken & Shrimp Japaella

Dessert Bento

Balance of playfulness, tradition and innovation

Aiming to balance of playfulness, tradition, and innovation, three chefs collaborated to form a culinary team behind the revamped menu.

“We’ve infused bolder flavors into the menu for some interesting flavor combinations, and employed some new techniques on the bestsellers to bring out more flavors,” Chef Chris Oronce said on behalf of the three-man team that also includes Chef Benjamin Gonzales and Chef Sonny Mariano.

Even with the various changes of the menu, John and Yoko has made sure to retain the essence of each dish and the distinct John and Yoko flavor.

“At the heart of each dish is still the well-loved classic. The new dishes are simply exciting takes on old favorites, and we hope our guests find a new favorite dish on the menu.” Chef Chris said.

John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese is located at the 2nd Level, Greenbelt 5, Makati. For reservations, call (02) 623-7255 or email johnandyokoph@gmail.com