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The revitalizing lap of luxury at The Crown Spa

The Crown Spa offers four standard treatment rooms with serene aquatic hues

Experience luxurious rejuvenation at Crown Towers Manila

Opulence blankets the senses at Crown Towers in City of Dreams Manila. And the Crown Spa—a haven for the ultimate pampering experience, heightens the luxurious sensory indulgence with full-body treatments complemented by lavishly designed therapy rooms and spa suites.

And to truly provide a distinct experience in luxurious rejuvenation, the Crown Spa offers guests a bespoke selection of therapeutic treatments, allowing guests to create and customize their own journey to optimum relaxation and wellness through a comprehensive selection of treatments and packages.

It doesn’t take long for one to realize the premier treat that awaits, as the spa’s team of professional an highly experienced therapists shower utmost care and attention to guests the moment they step inside their doors. The attention to detail is impressive, with everything from the facilities to the expert execution of treatments all designed to leave guests completely refreshed and revitalized.

Open from 11 a.m. until midnight, the Crown Spa’s facilities include six treatment rooms, including two spacious spa suites, with a private shower, soft seating, soaker tubs and salon services, upon request; steam rooms, sauna and vitality pools; poolside massages; and in-room massage services in all Crown Towers guest rooms.

Crown Spa-Vitality Pool

Crown Spa Suite


Massage services

The Crown Spa offers a variety of services and treatments using a range of therapeutic-grade products by the British company Aromatherapy Associates – from invigorating hand, foot, and full-body massages ranging from 60 to 120 minutes, to body scrubs, wraps, facial treatments and even salon services.

The Crown Spa offers four standard treatment rooms with serene aquatic hues

The Crown Spa offers four standard treatment rooms with serene aquatic hues

Six treatment rooms, including two spacious spa suites with a private shower, soft seating, soaker tubs, and male and female locker rooms are available for spa guests. Guests are likewise encouraged to arrive 45 minutes before their treatment to maximize the use of hydro-facilities such as steam rooms, sauna and vitality pools. Crown Spa likewise extends its services to poolside massages inside the Crown pool cabanas and in-room services in all 254 Crown Towers guest rooms.

The Crown Spa’s signature massage is the 90-minute Two-Fold “Hilot” Signature which is done by two therapists combining the traditional Filipino massage “Hilot” and “Dagdagay” foot therapy, and indulges in the ancient art of healing with the use of heated herbal leaves, wooden sticks and herbal clay. The Two-Fold “Hilot” Signature is priced at PhP5,800.

For those who prefer the traditional Swedish massage, the Herbal Compress Energizer priced at PhP3,600 for 60 minutes and PhP5,600 for 90 minutes detoxifies the body while easing and revitalizing the mind. The Intensive Muscle Release (PhP3,600 for 60 minutes and PhP5,600 for 90 minutes) is a hard-pressure massage that works deep into stiff, tight and aching muscles. Clear Your Mind (PhP6,300 for 120 minutes) is an aromatherapy massage that concludes with an Ayurvedic scalp and facial massage.

Guests that are checked-in at the hotel can avail Crown Towers’ in-room massage which lets them of choose from an array of the best essential oils guaranteed to revitalize the mind and body.


Body, Hand and Foot Treatments

Body, hand and foot treatments leave the skin radiant, smooth and uplifted such as the Rose Hydrator Body Treatment which starts with a gentle exfoliation followed by a layering of rich rose serum oil and cream; the Bespoke Skin Polish providing a full-body exfoliation and layering of skin nourishing and smoothing products; Age Repair Hands with a deeply restorative treatment for moisturized hands and arms; and the Rose Hydrating Foot Treatment that leaves rough, dry feet and heels intensely nourished and smooth.

Crown Spa Artwork



Therapeutic facials provide a smooth and glowing complexion while lifting and firming up the skin. The Crown Spa offers intensive treatments such as the Age Repair Facial, Essential Rose Facial, Skin Solutions Facial, Soothing Facial, Deep Cleanse Facial, and Instant Eye Repair.


Treatment Packages

Guests can immerse themselves in the ultimate Crown Spa experience through tailor-made treatment packages. Recommendations such as the Simply Men package (priced at PhP 8,300 for 180 minutes), The Rejuvenation (at PhP 9,300 for 210 minutes), and The Crown Spa Ultimate (priced at PhP 10,300 for 330 minutes) are a must-try for first-time guests.

For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 800-8080, email guestservices@cod-manila.com, or visit www.cityofdreams.com.ph/crown-spa