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Who Are You Wearing?

Who Are You Wearing

Ongoing until Aug. 6; Silverlens, 2F YMC Bldg. 2, 2320 Don Chino Roces Ave. extension, Makati; for more information, call (02) 816-0044 or email info@silverlensgalleries.com


Silverlens is pleased to present Who Are You Wearing? – a solo exhibition by Yvonne Quisumbing.


Fashion, before appropriated by notions of style, is a physical composition (façon). It also pertains to a group of people acting together (facere). Quisumbing delves into the etymology of the word that has defined her work/craft, exploring perceptions on imagery and its necessary companion, visibility, to invite contemplation on the superfluity of the immediate form. She returns after more than a decade, (her last exhibition, Infernal Desires, was presented in 2005) with a characteristic unassuming question: Who are you wearing? Tentative and thoughtful, she lays out a collection of monochromatic portraits without faces. The details plot her preoccupation—textures elaborated on the visages to create exquisite masks not unlike what she does professionally. The opulence of the minutae overwhelm—horns, rhinestones, textile, feathers, butterflies, florals—and implode. Nobody is identified. The facades are contained. The fusion complete. And, with horror mounting, the delineation lost. As familiarity is wont to do with the beloved, Who Are You Wearing? teases the abject out of the beautiful, dissolving subject and object to reveal the hollow hallowed.