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Visible Currents by Eric Zamuco

(Visible Currents) Spirit_2002

Ongoing until July 2; Silverlens, 2/F YMC Building. 2, 2320 Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Makati; for more information, call (02) 816-0044 or (0917)587 4011; or email info@silverlensgalleries.com

Stepping into Eric Zamuco’s Visible Currents is to experience reconstructed forms, revealing the subtle motions and transformations of an inner life. Airplane windows become part of an assemblage of oars, giving object expressions to the notions of constant motion and changing geographies, the flow of time and memory, recollection and deconstruction of object and memory. These assemblages transcend being mere object through the social and personal meanings ascribed to them, resonating with impermanence and mortality. The association between object and concept, and the in-between of these two realms of consciousness, also has a transformative, if not blurring, effect.

Zamuco received his MFA from the University of Missouri in 2009. Having relocated from Manila to Missouri in 2005, to Massachusetts in 2009, and back to Manila in 2012, Zamuco’s body of work has been about filtering his own displaced experience.

His subject matter runs the gamut from notions about home, belief, identity, post-colonial narratives, to the need for reclamation of space. The works, which are of a diverse range of media, include sculpture, installation, photography, drawing, video and performance. They not only serve as social commentary but also as self-critique. The intention in transforming the commonplace is to pull the immaterial from banality and to possibly find knowledge for some kind of human order.