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Loom by Zean Cabangis


Ongoing until June 25; Artinformal, Main Gallery, The Big Room, and The Inner Room, 277 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, East, Mandaluyong City; for more information, call (02) 725-8518 or (0918) 899-2698

In Loom, Zean Cabangis continues to turn views of familiar landscapes into astonishing epiphanies. Through his trademark use of collage, photography, acrylic paint, and the technique of using emulsion transfers, fields and vistas take form as reconstructed realities highlighted by interventions the artist had made through the deft juxtaposition of lines, structures, and shapes. As a constant traveler, he continues to gain new ground while acquiring new scenery. And in each new scenery, memory collides with imagination, the familiar intersects with the strange, the common with the complex. And these fusions give way to realizations, and realizations into visions—and becomes that impending structure that sits on the horizon, changing the way we look at the world.