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KLM Philippines launches Destinations Package

KLM Philippines

Exciting new travel packages form KLM Philippines and its partner travel agencies


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Philippines recently launched the Destinations Package program, a local adaptation of the Euro Package introduced by KLM in Bangkok, Thailand. Renamed Destinations Package for the Philippine market, the program was launched to provide travelers with exciting options at reasonable prices. Through this extensive platform, KLM aims to reach out to a greater chunk of those traveling for leisure, as well as to promote its popular destinations and also its more unique travel offerings across the globe.


“We’ve been working very hard in the recent weeks, towards this day, and we are very excited to bring you the Destinations Package program, Raymond Reedijk, Country Manager to the Philippines of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, said at the project’s launch held on April 7, 2016, at an intimate cocktail party at Discovery Primea’s Shakespeare Room.


“This is quite special, and it is a unique product. As you all know, we are celebrating 65 years of presence in the Philippines, and in these 65 years, we have been innovative and constantly seeking new opportunities, together with our travel and trade partners. Destinations Package is our unique way of offering tours, with the support of our partner agencies,” Reedijk pointed out.


For this project, KLM partnered with 12 travel agencies, pre-selected by the airline company’s Manila-based Sales Team not only on the basis of high revenue turnover, but also on the different types of markets serviced by these travel outfits.


Each Destinations Package consists of tour options for leisure travelers, in specific categories which represent the interests of the travelling public. These categories are Active and Outdoor (appropriate for backpackers and yuppies); Arts & Culture (for those interested in visiting museums, architecture or experiencing the country’s cuisine); Historical Sites (where pieces of political, military or social history have been preserved due to their cultural heritage and religious tours); Travel and Cruise (for packages that include cruise arrangements) and Hidden Attractions (not-the-usual tourist spots.). These classifications will allow travelers to compare and appreciate the uniqueness offered by specific destinations, thereby aiding them in their selection of a travel option best-suited to their goals and interests.


Explore the variety of tour packages online, read about these destinations, and discover the enthralling journeys of KLM travelers, bloggers, photographers and globetrotters at www.destinationspackage.com.ph. Stay tuned for more details and exciting promotions only from KLM and its partner agencies.