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Have yourself a Grand time!

Stunning city views, by night, from the Firefly Roofdeck

Live large and step into the grand lifestyle at the City Garden Grand Hotel

The lobby was a flurry with the activity brought on by the steady arrival of travelers, and the departure of the same: a bustling scene of comings and goings, in what was quickly turning into a very busy Friday afternoon. People stood in queue, waiting to check in; briefcases, backpacks, suitcases, children, in tow. Still other people – most of who were chattering animatedly about some-thing-or-other that had happened in the course of their trip – made their way out of the establishment; briefcases, backpacks, suitcases, children, also in tow. The day’s Duty Manager flitted about, and attended to pressing matters: a fully-booked city hotel, after all, presents its own set of challenges. He kept his composure and congeniality, nonetheless, despite having been extremely preoccupied.

As this scene (which we observed from the comfort of plump lobby lounge chairs) played out, it became evident that the City Garden Grand Hotel is on an upswing, with (as I later on learned) a daily average of anywhere from 60 to 80 percent occupancy levels. I also learned (later on, still) why this 4-star hotel, centrally located in the dynamic city of Makati at the corner of busy Kalayaan and Makati Avenues, has quickly become a favorite home-away-from-home.

Convergence of life and luxury

At the City Garden Grand Hotel, life and luxury converge in seamless style. The hotel offers every amenity to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible. From its inviting lobby and posh interiors, to its spacious, well-appointed rooms and its upscale facilities, City Garden Grand Hotel is imbued with the luxe lifestyle. Even common areas, such as hallways, are a lovely sight: onyx, hardwood, and marble accents bedeck halls illuminated by soft, ambient lighting.

City Garden Grand Hotel beckons to those on the go, as well as to those looking to kick-back and unwind. For its strategic location – a stone’s throw from Makati’s Central Business District – it is preferred by the frenetic business set. Adventure-seeking explorers, on the other hand, love that it is within walking distance of the city’s exciting haunts, leisure hubs, malls, and vibrant nightspots. Families looking for that perfect staycation choose it for its relaxing atmosphere (despite the usual busy-ness) and other charming creature comforts.



Spice Cafe’s sumptuous Sukiyaki Express



The hotel’s roof deck pool, with an infinity view of the cityscape


“Few properties answer the growing need for value smart accommodations in Makati. Few teams operate a hotel so close to the Central Business District, Rockwell Center, and access to the burgeoning restaurant and nightlife scene in the Poblacion area of Makati,” the hotel’s General Manager, Mirro Reperuga, shared. “Our guests enjoy seeing a side to Makati few tourists see, and a resurgence of cosmopolitan clubs, bars, and restaurants.”

Functional, stylish elegance

Without a doubt, City Garden Grand Hotel exudes stylish elegance which is also functional in its fine form. Guest rooms (more than 300) boast a well-thought out floor plan, and are fitted with basic amenities such as hi-speed internet, LED TV’s, coffee and tea facilities, among others. But, above and beyond the basics, you get every bit of and more than your money’s worth; given the ample space and luxuriant feel of each room (Narra floors, marble and stone accents, furniture designed by Padua International, to pinpoint a few outstanding features). We thoroughly enjoyed our Penthouse Junior Suite, with its adjoining dining and living areas, and picture windows which afforded us a commanding view of the surrounding city. At the City Garden Grand, days roll into nights, and nights are never better; what with premium, super comfortable beds and beddings which make for a sound, soothing slumber.



One of City Garden Grand Hotel's well-appointed, elegant Penthouse Suites

One of City Garden Grand Hotel’s well-appointed, elegant Penthouse Suites


Living large, living Grand

Outside one’s room, an array of amenities awaits, for that Grand way of life: a fully-equipped gym; the La Famosa Spa; function and meeting rooms with complete provisions for social and business gatherings; a swimming pool with an infinity view of the city; Spice Café, with its delicious, mouthwatering treats; and – last but definitely not least! – the eye-catching Firefly Roofdeck – a must-visit, for its open air dining and breathtaking views of the Makati and Mandaluyong cityscapes.



Stunning city views, by night, from the Firefly Roofdeck

Stunning city views, by night, from the Firefly Roofdeck



The bar at the Firefly Roofdeck


“Our gem sits on the 32nd floor, truly a sight to behold you won’t find anywhere else in Makati: the Firefly Roofdeck. Firefly is an all-weather al-fresco bar with a stunning panoramic view of the city’s CBD. On most days, you can even see Manila Bay and an unforgettable sunset,” Reperuga pointed out.

The highest degree of satisfaction

One of the City Garden Grand Hotel’s most impressive hallmarks is the warmth of its staff. While most hotels and establishments across the Philippines are quick to claim the same, service at the City Garden Grand Hotel stands out, for its forward and friendly – without being overbearing – manner. Staff members have mastered the fine art of interacting with guests, sans the intrusiveness; a trait I found very refreshing. Along with the hotel’s top-notch location and first-rate facilities, this human factor helps set the tone for a memorable stay.

“Our vision is to be the preferred chain of Filipino hotels known for its standards, facilities, and unique brand of hospitality,” Reperuga noted. “City Garden Grand Hotel provides quality facilities and personalized services rarely found among its peers, giving our clients an unprecedented value for their money and the highest degree of satisfaction.”

A grand promise, fulfilled in a Grand manner.