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Better, cooler and sweeter!

Very Summer

With the unbearable summer heat just upon us, the scorching heat of the sun is yelling for some refreshing treats!


Just when you thought coolers and desserts couldn’t get any better, here comes the sweet and cool collaboration of Chef Jessie Sincioco and the visionary founder of Carmen’s Best, Paco Magsaysay, bringing a better, cooler and sweeter summer!


With a refreshing view of the garden and pool at Rockwell Club, Chef Jessie did not fail to deliver his finest and best. In a special preview held last March, Paco Magsaysay took his ice cream creations to a whole new level with Chef Jessie adding her own creative culinary touch.


Made the old-fashioned way, Carmen’s Best is a homemade artisanal ice cream that uses 100 percent cow’s milk from their own dairy farm, which means no water, no additives, no mass-producing, all craftsmanship. It’s the kind of ice cream that is known for its dense, rich, and creamy texture created to be the best of the best and sets it apart from all other ice cream brands.


And just in time for the summer, their successful collaboration unveiled a new line of refreshing and most indulgent ice cream creations available for the whole month of April at Chef Jessie’s Rockwell Club.


Chef Jessie concocted five interesting coolers that will surely beat the scorching heat of the sun, making summertime even more fun.


Summer’s most indulgent creations


Using Carmen’s Best Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, Very Summer is presented with luscious berries and fresh summer fruits served in a glass mason jar. The berries and fruits indeed bring the flavors of summer upfront.




Very Summer

Very Summer



“We tried to put in as much fruits that can really complement the Madagascar Vanilla ice cream; Very Summer indeed,” shares Chef Jessie as she presented her first creation.


Go Green is another inventive take on Carmen’s Best bestselling Pistachio ice cream combined with fresh pandan and macapuno for a unique and soothing taste. The sweet macapuno and soft pandan is topped with a scoop of Pistachio ice cream that reveals whole pistachio bits and finished with an elegant platting.



Go Green

Go Green



“We buy pure pistachio paste for our Pistachio ice cream. If you notice in our Pistachio ice cream, I don’t hold back with it. Look how much pistachio it has,” Magsaysay proudly shared one of his most renowned flavors.


With Carmen’s Best’s Salted Caramel infused with Chef Jessie’s light cotton soft cheesecake and dulce de leche, Feel the Breeze gives you an elegant and refreshing dessert that blends well together.



Paco Magsaysay and Chef Jessie's Feel the Breeze flavor courtesy of YMV & Associates, Inc

Paco Magsaysay and Chef Jessie’s Feel the Breeze flavor courtesy of YMV & Associates, Inc

Temptation is around the corner especially with the indulgent chocolate creation, Be Tempted. Tempt yourself and indulge in the richness of Carmen’s Best Dark Chocolate ice cream that is made with the finest Swiss chocolates accompanied by an equally pleasing Black Forest roll laid on chocolate syrup. Sinful yet (worth it and) guaranteed to be downright delicious.



Be Tempted

Be Tempted



Lastly, get hooked on the last indulgent flavor of Chef Jessie and Carmen’s Best Brazilian Coffee ice cream. Get Addicted will satisfy your coffee craving with a natillas surprise and light tiramisu-like sponge cake that will make you come back for more.




Chef Jessie's Get Addicted creation

Chef Jessie’s Get Addicted creation

Other available flavors such as Malted Milk, Butter Pecan, Rocky Road, Brown Butter Almond Brittle and He’s Not Worth It are available in single serving.


Carmen's Best's signature flavors, (clockwise from top right) Pistachio, He's Not Worth It, Malted Milk, Butter Almond Brittle, and Rocky Road

Carmen’s Best’s signature flavors, (clockwise from top right) Pistachio, He’s Not Worth It, Malted Milk, Butter Almond Brittle, and Rocky Road

Take note that Chef Jessie’s elegant creations all use the very best artisanal ice cream in the country will only be available this April. So bring on the summer heat and cool down at Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club.



Chef Jessie’s Rockwell Club is located at Ground Level, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati. For reservations, call (02) 890-6543 or (02) 890 7630. Carmen’s Best are now being served in the business class of all PAL long-haul flights to the US, Canada, London and Japan.