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A whole lotta’ Slappy goin’ on!

Grasshopper Pie

Please your palate with a new range of Slappy Cakes’ menu offerings


There’s something extremely comforting about breakfast food. Perhaps it’s tied in with getting a sniff of the heavenly aromas which waft through the air, as breakfast cooks on the griddle, at the start of a new day. Or, maybe, it is your body’s way of telling you to replenish its stocks of carbohydrates at the end of your sleep-imposed fast; hence, ”break-fast.” Picture a stack of fluffy pancakes slathered with creamy butter plus gooey rich syrup poured atop it. How about perfectly fried eggs, with strips of crispy bacon or savory homemade sausage, smothered in cheese sauce? While we’re at it, imagine shredded tender pork belly, swathed in rich seasoning, with eggs and garlic rice? Add to that the smell of a freshly brewed cuppa-Joe, and here we are, salivating and hankering away for a plateful of breakfast, no matter the time of day or night.


Thankfully, there’s Slappy Cakes; your go-to all-day breakfast food place to curb that cavernous craving, with a menu that has just become even more crave-worthy.


DIY fun meets Filipino flavors


Slappy Cakes was birthed in Portland, Oregon, a state renowned for being crazy about brunch and do-it-yourself cooking. Taking its cue from its city of origin, Slappy Cakes is best known for its DIY fluffy pancakes (make your pancakes, right at your own table!) and full-on food fun.


In Manila, Slappy Cakes has recently expanded its well-loved all-day breakfast and brunch menu to include a roster of new dishes which are a flavorful fusion of Filipino breakfast favorites, and Slappy Cakes flair for fun.


“For Slappy Cakes’ new menu, I kept the heritage of the brand intact and at the same time, considered food that Pinoys constantly crave for,” shared acclaimed Chef Him de Baron, the man behind the menu’s makeover. “The D-I-Y process which we incorporated is different. It’s interactive and perfect for groups such as families, friends and work mates. Then of course dishes that are indulgent but still easy to have every day.”


Sumptuous belly-slapping savory selections


Of course, all additions to the menu were first approved by Slappy Cakes’ head honchos in the US before being rolled out to enthusiastic Manila foodies. Among the more creative new dishes are Caesar Salad with Ginger Aioli (a healthy combo of lettuce, bacon, and shrimp, topped with croutons, parmesan, ginger aioli and a sous-vied egg, for that breakfast touch), Creole Style Shrimp Crepe (a light crepe filled with a hearty mixture of salt-and-pepper shrimp, arugula, peas, pomodoro sauce and egg), and the Carbonara Roll-Up (rolled-up lasagna, stuffed with tangy tomato, cheese, egg and bacon, smothered with a creamy and rich bacon carbonara sauce).


The D-I-Y Skillets have become an instant hit with Slappy Cakes Manila’s diners. Each sizzling skillet is made up of your option of meat (Roasted Beef Belly, Chicken Steak, Wagyu Burger and Egg, or Pork Belly), your choice of sauce (Mushroom Gravy, Salisbury Sauce, Garlic Adobo Sauce and Hickory Sauce), and one side dish (Steamed Rice/Garlic Rice, Mashed Potatoes, or Slappy Potatoes). D-I-Y Skillets are served with a helping of zucchini and bell peppers, as well.


Likewise much raved about are the Sausage


Breakfast Skillet (a mouthwatering concoction of homemade sausage, covered in velvety pomodoro sauce, topped with cheese, two eggs, sunny-side up, and served with wedges of buttered toast), and the Pork Adobo Flakes (shredded pork belly, seasoned in soy-sauce and vinegar- based adobo sauce, served with garlic rice and egg).


Slapping on some sweet stuff


Aside from all the sumptuous savory selections, some new sweet treats have likewise been added to the menu, care of top-notch (he has been hailed as the “Picasso of Desserts”) pastry chef, Miko Aspiras. Go for the Grasshopper Pie (a decadently delectable chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache, white chocolate, topped with refreshing mint chocolate chip ice cream), or the Caramel Lava Cake (gooey, chocolaty lava cake, candied walnut, slightly tart apple compote, luscious caramel sauce, and Chocolate ice cream). The list of desserts does not stop there, and you need to make sure you leave room to slap on at least one of Slappy’s sweet stuff.



Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper Pie

Dessert crepes likewise make for a sensational sweet ending, as do Slappy’s Make-Your-Own Pancakes with four batters to choose from – buttermilk, peanut butter, chocolate and red velvet. Cooked at your own table, of course!


So come on, yield to the call of comfort. Give in to the craving at Slappy Cakes.


Slappy Cakes has branches in SM Aura Premier Taguig, The Block SM North EDSA, Solenad 3 Nuvali, and SM Jazz Mall Makati.