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Huma Island Resort nominated in Luxury Spa Awards

Huma Island Resort’s Kapuruan was recently nominated for the Best Luxury Resort Spa category in The World Luxury Spa Awards of 2015. Launched in 2009 by the renowned World Luxury Hotel Awards, its mission is to maintain and award the highest standards within the global luxury spa sector, and set benchmarks in service delivery within this highly competitive industry.


Huma Island Resort’s Kapuruan Spa’s nomination is an indication of its drive to pursue world class status through the provision of a facility, with services that meet international standards for its discerning guests. No other spa in the Philippines offers unique glass bottom flooring that allows views of underwater fauna and a wide selection of Asian and Moroccan treatments. With five treatment villas built over water, the spa is a picturesque place to enjoy the best massages, wraps, and facial therapies in Palawan.


The winners for the World Luxury Spa Awards will be determined through voting, and will be based on service delivery alone. Guests are encouraged to cast their votes during the annual voting process which can be done online. Vote Kapuruan Spa for Best Luxury Resort Spa of 2015 http://www.luxuryhotelawards.com/vote-spa


About Huma Island Resort & Spa


Huma Island Resort & Spa is a new holiday destination for the elite traveler. It is a sanctuary for discoveries. With approximately 15 kilometers perimeter, Huma Island Resort & Spa has 81 spacious
thatched roof high ceiling villas and a vibrant plush interior rousing Middle Eastern vibe.